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Chapter I

The red, burning sun was slowly rising over the Jedi Academy. It was early morning and the courtyards were still empty, as were the training rooms. A few of the more dedicated students were awake, studying the history of the Order in the peacefulness of the Jedi Library along with their Masters.

Jedi Master Luke Skywalker was up for hours, meditating in his private chambers. This costly Yuuzhan Vong war occupied every corner of his mind, but despite his current preocupations, he never forgot that night one year ago, the night his Jedi Academy was intruded, when Ralik the halfbreed, Ralik the Yuuzhan Vong Force Sensitive infiltrated his Academy searching for nothing other than information of an ancient ship. An incident that in the end resulted in the disappearance of the Jedi Master sent after the intruder, Jedi Master Anduil Wrynn. Little did Luke know that Anduil was long dead. To him Anduil's fate was still uncertain.

''What did the intruder, Ralik, want with that information?'' Luke still wondered, he knew every story related to the ancient Ebon Hawk, but he still couldn't understand why would any intruder, especially a Yuuzhan Vong halfbreed that has only just discovered his affinity to the Force, bother to break into the Jedi Academy, only so he could get the data on a long lost ship. He could almost feel something clouding his judgement on the matter, but he could not yet break free of it the unidentified dark influence that prevented Luke from understanding something as obvious as this. Sometimes Luke would think about it for hours, completely forgetting about the war, if nothing else.

As time passed and the Padawans and their Masters slowly finished their breakfasts and started to fill the courtyards and training rooms, Luke was slowly coming back to the present. He remembered that today he was supposed to give a lecture to the Padawans.

''What was it about this time?'' He started to recollect.

''Was it about the dangers of the Dark Side? Or was it about the fall of the Galactic Empire?''

''Don't you remember?'' An old and familiar voice asked, ''You are supposed to give them a lecture about the Rebellion's tactics during the war against the Galactic Empire.'' It was Obi-Wan, Luke's old friend and mentor. Luke often communed with him when he felt he needed guidance, or support.

''Ben! It's you.'' Luke responded joyfully.

''I always said you had a gift for perception.'' Obi-Wan joked.

''Yes, that you did.'' Luke said with a smile.

''But you aren't being much of a Jedi Master, if you can't remember your obligations for the day.'' Obi-Wan continued to tease Luke.

''I know. It's just that I have a lot on my mind, Ben, and with this war and everything...'', Luke paused, ''sometimes I need to put my mind on other things and that break in is something that I simply can't stop thinking about. It has something dark about it, but I don't quite know what.''

''You are more right than you know, Luke, but that matter, I can safely say, can wait a while.'' Obi-Wan replied, ''The most important thing right now is to win the war. Everything else is secondary.''

''Yes. Yes, you are right.'' Luke finally agreed.

''Good. Now you better start preparing for that lecture, you don't want to disappoint your students, do you?''

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