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Chapter II

Another day at Yuuzhan'tar, the former capital of the Republic. Its surface, once covered by shiny, lifeless metal and concrete alloys, now covered with Vong lifelike biot. Even the atmosphere of the planet was changed, now, like most of the planet itself, even the sky appeared green.

Another day for Supreme Commander Kraal, filled with frustration and grief. Supreme Commander Kraal was a good friend of the long dead Xerx and had inherited Xerx's regiment as well as the responsibility of conducting an investigation of the events that lead to the disappearance of the worldship Raktajorr and the unfortunate disappearance of its crew as well as the disappearance of Supreme Commander Xerx.

This task sounded easier than it actually was. No matter how determined Kraal was to find out what really happened to that ship and its crew, the war with the Galactic Alliance, the former Republic always took presedan. Thus Kraal was often deprived of manpower, or weaponry, or ships, or various other necessities. These obstructions mostly came from the office of High Prefect Laerne of the Intendant caste, who didn't consider the fate of a missing high ranking officer of the Warrior caste a priority. Winning the war was what mattered to the High Prefect and in order to achieve that proper allocation of resources was necessary, better yet, it was obligatory.

This day was one of those when Kraal would go to a meeting with the High Prefect in order to discuss the amount of resources spent on his investigation. Those meetings would mostly end with more restrictions from the High Prefect, but Kraal considered it a duty to try to sway the High Prefect into giving him more ships, manpower, anything that could speed up his progress, which was almost nonexistant, again mostly thanks to the High Prefect himself.

The Intendant caste and with it the High Prefect's office was located in the quarter that once belonged to the Coruscant elite, you could say that it still does, in a way. After all, the Intendant caste were bureaucrats and polititians, so apart from some structural differences, you wouldn't find many others if you compared them with the aristocrats of the Republic.

Kraal had just arrived at the building and made his way up to the High Prefect's office. ''I really wish Laerne would see my point and help me for a change. Otherwise these meetings will completely lose their point.'' Kraal thought to himself as he entered the elevator. About a minute later the elevator arrived at the desired floor and Kraal exited it and entered the office.

The office itself was very interesting to the eye. It, of course, had a window with a breathtaking view on the Intendant quarter, but what was interesting was that the walls were painted in gold. It appears that Laerne really enjoyed its shine. To him it was a contrast to the rest of the planet.

''Ah, Kraal, come in. Come in.'' The High Prefect pretended to be hospitable.

Kraal entered and sat in the chair opposite to the High Prefect's chair, only Laerne's table stood between them. Laerne's chair was slightly taller than the one for his visitors, he enjoyed looking down on them.

''High Prefect, as you know I have submitted five requests for additional resources in the last month to your office, this meeting, as you also know was your response to them.'' Kraal made an effort to sound completely official, but respectful at the same time.

''Yes, yes.'' Laerne replied, ''But as I have told you on our countless previous meetings I need some kind of progress from you in order to allow more resources to be spent on your investigation. What have you found in the last year? Huh, Kraal?''

''We...'' Kraal started.

''I'll tell you Kraal nothing! You know that Supreme Commander Xerx proclaimed one of his underlings a traitor, you know that he organised a pursuit to capture that traitor, you know that he hasn't reported to anyone, even the Warmaster, since he left Yuuzhan'tar with one of our extremely valuable worldships, you know that the worldship left for Ruusan and that's pretty much all you know after a whole year of investigating.'' Laerne responded, offended in appearance, but he knew very well why hasn't there been any progress in the investigation, he was the one that prevented it.

''As you know High Prefect, one week after the worldship's departure from Yuuzhan'tar we sent a ship to search for its hyperspace signature, but too much time has passed and by the time our ship got there the signal has already dissipated.'' Kraal added, still trying to be strictly official and respectful, but it was becoming harder and harder by the minute.

''Yes, yes, I know all that. I also know that you have pulled some strings with the regional commanders to order their ships to continue scanning for the Raktajorr's signature every week which they still do, with no progress whatsoever, I might add.'' Laerne replied arrogantly.

''How could we make any progress when you take everything you can from us to halt it?'' Kraal thought to himself, but he knew that saying it outloud wouldn't bring a favourable outcome to this meeting, so instead he asked as politely and respectfully as he could: ''High Prefect, I know you aren't satisfied with our progress in this investigation, but I must humbly request that you give us any manpower and ships that can be spared. I believe that it would significantly hasten our progress.''

''I understand your position, Kraal'', Laerne started, ''but you must also understand mine. I am responsible for making the adequate allocation of our available resources that will help us win this war, so my answer still stands I cannot give you any additional units without you showing me some significant progress.''

''I understand, High Prefect. Winning the war is a priority.'' Kraal said respectfully, but inside he was boiling with anger.

''Good. Now, if there was nothing else...'' Laerne hurried to end this meeting.

''No, High Prefect. Thank you for your time.'' Kraal said and left. ''Indeed, thank you for being such a stubborn idiot, Laerne, and for wasting my time again.''

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