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Chapter III

Luke entered the main classroom. The Padawans were quietly sitting and waiting for him to begin his lecture, all three hundred of them. Several other Masters were also there to maintain order and discipline among the Padawans. Luke walked up to the speaker's platform and gave the sign to start the projector. The large cloth behind him soon portrayed pictures and schematics of the ships used by the Rebel forces during the war against the Galactic Empire.

Luke started explaining everything he knew about those ships and their capabilities, ship by ship. Then he explained in which battles were particular ships used, from small fighters to large frigates. After he finished with that he moved on to the strategy and tactics that were used back then, slowly explaining every detail he could think of. Then he moved on to the battles themselves, especially those in which he participated. After all, he knew most about those. When he finished he gave the Padawans a chance to ask questions about anything he talked about.

The questions were mostly related to the battles Luke participated in and were mostly in the following form: ''So, Master Skywalker, what was the feeling like, after performing such a precise shot as you did on th first Death Star?'' or ''Master Skywalker, what was it like fighting your own father? It must have been terrible!''
Luke tried to answer even those questions in a way that could teach the Padawans something, despite the fact that some of them were very painful for him, especially those about his father. After half an hour of questions his lecture was finally over.

Luke retired to his meditation chamber, relieved that the lecture was over. He sat down, closed his eyes and channeled his thoughts, soon after his mind was empty, empty of all the worries and problems. Then Obi-Wan appeared again.

''I take it the lecture went well?'' Obi-Wan asked with a dose of humor.

''Not really. Very few students paid attention to what I was trying to teach them, the others mostly acted like fans of movie stars. That's why I don't give many lectures.'' Luke said with sadness in his voice.

''Knowing that your words reached even a few souls is reason enough to be certain that you accomplished something.'' Obi-Wan said.

''You always know what to say, old friend.'' Luke replied, releived, he finally managed to relax a bit, ''but my point is that there's a war going on, I'm trying to teach them every military tactic I know of so that when they do get out on that battlefield they know what to do and the only thing they are interested in hearing are details of my confrontations with Vader.''

''You can't blame them. You are a legend in their eyes, Luke.'' Obi-Wan said.

''I know, but...'' Luke started.

''And you should really stop calling your father by his Sith name and start calling him Anakin.'' Obi-Wan interrupted him.

''Yes, you are right...'' Luke started again, but was interrupted by a knock at the chamber door.

''Hmmm. Looks like you have a visitor and I'm willing to bet that it's one of your more dedicated Padawans coming to get additional information on your lecture.'' Obi-Wan said with a smile.

''I thought Jedi don't deal in chances.'' Luke teased Obi-Wan.

''Well, no... We will continue our conversation later, it's rude to keep the guests waiting.'' Obi-Wan said cheerfully and disappeared.

''Come in!'' Luke said.

The doors opened and a Padawan entered. It was Dasha Kar, one of the most promising students of Luke's Academy. She was interested in everything the Masters teached them, but she was most intrigued by the history of the Jedi Order. She dreamed about becoming a historian of the New Jedi Order and was making enormous efforts to achieve her dream.

''I am sorry to disturb you, Master Skywalker.'' She said gently and respectfully.

''Not at all, come in. How can I help you?'' Luke asked.

''Well, sir... as you know I am studying very hard to become a historian of the Order...'' Dasha started slowly.

''Yes and from what I hear from your Master you are the Padawan most likely to accomplish that goal.'' Luke said, trying to calm her down.

''Thank you, Master... Anyway, I was studying the Old Republic ships and I came across an interesting vessel.'' Dasha continued a little calmer than before, ''Its name is the Ebon Hawk, the ship owned by the legendary Jedi Revan.''

''Yes, I am familiar with it. What do you wish to know?'' Luke asked calmly.

''The file says that the ship was last seen in the vicinity of Vjun and that it was never found. Well, I remembered that break in from last year, the intruder took only the data about that ship.'' Dasha continued, her voice radiating with confidence.

''Yes, that's true.'' Luke confirmed.

''Well, Master Skywalker, I also know that you sent someone after the intruder. I am interested to know what happened. Was the ship found?''

''I don't know. Master Wrynn, the Jedi I sent after the intruder, hasn't reported since his departure. His fate and what he found are unknown to me, but I fear the worst.'' Luke replied.

''But, why didn't you send someone to find him, to find out what happened to him?''

''Because of this war. It was a critical time for us and our Order and the Galactic Alliance couldn't afford it, we needed every available Jedi on the front, or here.''

''I see. Then I would like to request permission to leave the Academy and search for him and the ship.'' Dasha asked, completely determined to do it.

''I don't think that's a good idea at this time. Yuuzhan Vong patrols are everywhere, you could be captured, or worse.'' Luke was reluctant.

''Please, Master Skywalker. I'll be careful and for a piece of Jedi history as important as that ship, I am willing to take the risk.''

''I sense your determination. I suppose I have no choice but to allow you to go, nothing I say will change your mind. Very well, take one of the Academy's fighters and go, but be extremely careful. You are one of your most promising students and it would be a shame to lose you.'' Luke said, still reluctantly, but a little calmer about the whole matter.

''Thank you, Master Skywalker! Thank you! I promise I won't disapoint you.''

''I'd rather you promised to come back alive, but I'll settle with that one.'' Luke tried to joke.

Dasha laughed, said thanks one more time and left. ''Ebon Hawk.'' Luke thought, ''That ship obviously has an important part in all of our futures, but what? And what knowledge could it hold that drove its owner to hide it, but not destroy it?''

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