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Chapter IV

Dasha entered her room overwhelmed with hapiness. She has just told her Master about her departure. Her Master was even more reluctant, but since the permission came from the head of the Academy himself, Dasha's Master was forced to agree and simply give her some more warning about being careful and taking care of herself and finally ending it with ''May the Force be with you.'' She, of course, assured her Master that she will be extremely careful and promised to bring back the knowledge from the Ebon Hawk.

Dasha quickly finished some minor assignments she already had and started packing. She didn't plan to bring many things, but she considered one spare robe to be necessary, then, of course, some food and every piece of data on the Ebon Hawk. She didn't get a copy of the data yet, but it was only a matter of going to the Jedi Archives and downloading it into a datapad. She left that for tomorrow.

She laid down on her bed and gazed at the room ceiling. Soon the stony ceiling disappeared and was replaced by the vast and endless space. She floated through the vastness of space, the cosmic winds swirling her long brown hair. She remembered her home world of Nar Shaddaa, the Smuggler's Moon. She was one of the few humans that actually lived there and it was only because she could never save enough money to leave to another world. Her luck changed when she one day came across Jedi Master Kyle Katarn, who was on a mission there to investigate Hutt activity. He recognized the power inside her and took her to the Jedi Academy on Yavin. She passed all the tests with flying colors and was accepted into the Academy, she was then assigned to a Jedi Master and her training began. Even though Kyle wasn't her Master she still sometimes turned to him for guidance.

Dasha woke up early the next morning. The sun was just peaking over the horizon as she got up. She still had enough work to do before her departure and she wanted to get started as soon as possible. She made her bed and took a quick shower. She got dressed and went down for breakfast.

The dining hall was still almost completely empty when she came in. Most of the students were just getting up from their beds. ''Good. At least there's no line for food.'' Dasha smiled at her own thought. She aproached the food table, filled her plate and sat down at the nearest empty seat. She took her time eating her four sandwitches, in the meantime the dining hall was slowly filling up. When she finished her meal, Dasha took the plate and put in on the table designated for dirty dishes, then she left for the Archives.

When Dasha entered the Archives room she didn't waste any time. She quickly sat in front one of the terminals, took the datapad from her pocket and inserted it into the slot. She then found the Ebon Hawk file and downloaded it into the pad. The blue viewscreen showed a message confirming that the file was copied successfully, so Dasha took out her datapad and went back to her room to get the rest of her things.

Fifteen minutes later Dasha was at the Academy's hangar. As she entered she saw Master Kyle Katarn waiting near one of the X-Wings.

''Master Katarn.'' She greeted him with great surprise, ''What are you doing here?''

''Well, I heard you were leaving on a business trip so I came to say goodbye and wish you luck.'' Kyle replied.

''I thought Jedi weren't supposed to believe in luck, Master Katarn.'' Dasha joked with Kyle.

''Well, as most of the Academy's occupants know, I'm not your classic stuck up Jedi.'' Kyle smiled, ''Anyway, there's one more thing I wanted.''

''What's that?'' Dasha asked.

''It's a dangerous world out there so I brought you a going away present.'' Kyle joked as he was reaching out for his back. He took out a lightsaber and gave it to Dasha.

''Thank you, Master Katarn, but I don't plan to break into a Yuuzhan Vong base, or get into any kind of fights.'' Dasha replied as she took the lightsaber.

''Nevertheless, you should take it. You never know what the future brings. It can still prove useful for things other than fights.'' Kyle replied.

''I guess you're right. Well, I should get going. The sooner I leave, the sooner I can come back.'' Dasha smiled.

''Right. Just be careful out there.'' Kyle said and went for the switch to open the hangar doors.

''I will. Goodbye, Master Katarn.'' Dasha replied as she entered the X-Wing. Minutes later she left the Academy grounds.

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