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Chapter V

The day Dasha left for Vjun was just another ordinary day on Yuuzhan'tar, even for Supreme Commander Kraal. He was awake the whole night, thinking, revising his options. The High Prefect couldn't care less about his investigation and will definitely not invest more money, or manpower in it. Kraal had to find a way to go around the High Prefect, he had to get those resources from someone else.

Kraal was an extremely respected officer of the Warrior caste, many men that once served under him were promoted and reassigned, but, despite that, most of them would be willing to help their former superior in any way they could. That is how Kraal managed to convince those ships in Ruusan's orbit to continue scanning for the Raktajorr's hyperspace signature in the first place. But this time, he feared, having friends in certain positions will probably not be enough. He could go directly to the Warmaster, but Warmaster Tsavong Lah was as obsessed with winning the war with disregard to anything else as the High Prefect was, if not more.

Kraal slowly got up from his bed and put on his bioengineered Vonduun Crab armor. He aproached the window and looked outside. The sky was as green as ever. Kraal took his Coufee dagger and placed it in his belt, then he took his amphistaff and left for his office.

Kraal's office was only a few floors up from his quarters. Usually Kraal always took the elevator up, but this time he decided to take the stairs. He needed the time to think and he thought a walk might help him. After about ten minutes Kraal arrived to his office. The stroll didn't help him at all.

Kraal's current office was actually the office once used by Supreme Commander Xerx. When Xerx's regiment was added to Kraal's, Kraal also inherited Xerx's office. He didn't use it right away. First he had it fine combed at least ten times in search for any kind of evidence about Xerx's whereabouts. He found nothing. Xerx had taken everything with him, including his numerous battle trophies. After a while Kraal made peace with the facts and moved in his new office. He didn't have many battle trophies and those he had he kept in his private quarters. The office was now strictly business-looking. Instead of trophies, the walls were filled with starcharts, battle plans and investigation reports.

Kraal came in and took a look around. The door closed behind him and he slowly aproached the starchart filled wall. He looked carefully at every single starchart, then at every single report, but nothing was there that he didn't already know. He then went to the large window that overlooked the Warrior quarter. He enjoyed the look for awhile, trying to clear his mind. Still no ideas, nothing.

Suddenly the viewscreen on his desk activated, it was a message from Communications:

''Supreme Commander Kraal, are you there?'' The Communications officer sounded over the viewscreen.

Kraal immediately went to his desk and sat down.

''Yes, this is Supreme Commander Kraal speaking.'' He replied.

''Sir, there's an urgent message for you from the Braxtaal.''

''The Braxtaal? That's Yondra's ship.'' Kraal thought, ''Patch it through!''

Yondra was one of those friends that were mentioned earlier. He used to be a Commander in Kraal's regiment, but he was promoted to a command post on the A-vek Iiluunu type starship, the Braxtaal, which was orbiting Ruusan for two years now. Yondra knew to appretiate his former command officer's understanding and intelligence and was eager to help Kraal out when he asked for those periodical hyperspace signature scans.

''Supreme Commander Kraal.'' Yondra greeted him respectfully.

''Commander Yondra! What a pleasant surprise.'' Kraal greeted him back.

''It's been awhile, sir'' Yondra replied, ''How goes your investigation?''

''Poorly. We are standing still for too long now, Yondra. The High Prefect stubbornly refuses to give me more manpower, or more equipment, or anything.''

''Then you are really going to like what I have to tell you.'' Yondra said over the viewscreen, filled with satisfaction.

''You found something? Tell me you found something, Yondra.'' Kraal was so excited that his heart rate rose.

''Our shapers have been working on a way to adjust our ship's sensors to detect a ship's signature long after it passed through an area.'' Yondra reported proudly.

''They succeeded?'' Kraal asked.

''Yes. They found a way to detect hyperspace signatures by scanning on a subspace level.''

''And you...'' Kraal started.

''Yes, sir. We found your missing worldship, or at least where it went after Ruusan.'' Yondra replied.

''That's excellent news, Yondra. Thank you.'' Kraal said, ''so where did the Raktajorr go?''

''I'm sending you our findings along with the data necessary to adjust sensors to scan on the subspace level.'' Yondra replied. His assignment was extremely boring and he was glad to do something even a little exciting for a change.

''I have received the data. Thank you. I am in your debt Yondra.''

''Think nothing of it, sir. I hope you find that ship. Yondra out.'' The transmission ended.

Kraal took a look at the data Yondra sent to him. ''Yavin IV? The Jedi Academy? I have to see this through personally.''

Kraal pulled some strings and in a few hours managed to acquire a Kor Chokk type starship, the Grondel, he personally selected his crew as well as crew that came from the Shaper caste. He had to make sure that no one sabotages his efforts now. After a year of standing still, this was a major breakthrough and Kraal wasn't about to let it slip its way to the ears of the High Prefect. If it did the High Prefect would surely reasssign even more men from the investigation with an explanation that there's no need for that much manpower in this investigation when it's progressing that well.

Kraal immediately took a transport to his starship. As he entered he was greeted by the ship's high ranking officers, among them was Master Shaper Jashra, the officer whose main purpose was to tend to the Grondel's sensors. Kraal greeted them and took a moment to talk to Jashra. He gave Jashra instructions on how to adjust the sensors for subspace scans, saluted and left to find his new office. Fifteen minutes later, after Kraal settled in, he gave the order over the comm. In half an hour the ship will depart for Yavin IV. It was to follow the exact path of Xerx's worldship, the Raktajorr.

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