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Chapter VI

''There is no good and evil, only strength and weakness;
there are no assumptions, only facts;
there are no rules, except those each of us makes;
there is no fate, only the Force.''

''That is the basic principle of the True Teachings, my apprentice, or, if you will, the True Code.''

''I understand, Master.''

''Hmph. That is yet to be seen, my apprentice.''


From high orbit Vjun looked relatively peaceful to Dasha Kar. She read all the available data on that planet, but this is the first time she will see its true nature first hand. As Ralik had done a year earlier, Dasha entered the Ebon Hawk's schematics and composition data into her computer and initiated the scans. Soon after she got the coordinated of the ship. She immediately descended onto the planet.

As she was descending she found out that Vjun isn't as peaceful as she thought. There was a lot of turbulence in the upper atmosphere that made Dasha's landing much more difficult. Even so, she managed to ground her craft somehow and at the right coordinates.

The first thing Dasha noticed after she left her X-Wing were numerous craters in the ground. They were huge, the record of Xerx's bombardment a year ago. One more obvious thing was that there was no Ebon Hawk, at least not on the surface. ''There were many caves here, so I guess it is possible that the ship is underground.'' The wind started blowing. Dasha looked up and noticed that the weather started to change. A storm was coming. One of the everyday characteristics of Vjun.

Dasha quickly ran to one of the caves. She could hear the thunders in the distance. A few moments later bolts of lightning were flashing from the clouds above. The flashes didn't last more than a few seconds, but during those few seconds they made the night seem like a day. Dasha had no choice, she didn't know for sure that this particular cavern will lead her to the Ebon Hawk, but she entered it anyway. The storm was getting worse and she wasn't going to stick around to see how bad can the weather truly be on Vjun.

As Dasha descended deeper and deeper the caves were getting darker. She took out a wrist flashlight from her backpack, put it on her wrist and turned it on, before she continued further. On her way down Dasha saw a number of collapsed tunnels, which forced her to change direction. It made her journey much longer than it really was. She ran into a few underground beasts, but she managed to dispose of them without even using her lightsaber.

After hours of wandering through the half-collapsed tunnels, Dasha reached a large underground cavern. It was indeed the very one that hid the ancient ship she was searching for. Now, a whole year later, even this huge cavern was half-collapsed, covering completely almost the entire ship. As she got closer to the ship Dasha stumbled upon a dead body. It was badly decomposed and the only thing that hinted who that person was in life was the lightsaber, lying just a few centimetres from the corpse.

''By the Force! This must be the Jedi that Master Skywalker sent after the intruder. Anduil Wrynn, if I remember correctly.'' Dasha thought to herself.

''He actually found the ship...'' Dasha paused as she saw the wound on his chest, ''and that intruder. How unfortunate that the intruder prevailed.''

She moved forward and took a look at the half-burried ship. She was searching for an entrance and minutes later she found it. ''This is it.'' She thought, ''I have actually succeeded. I found it. Now all I have to do is figure out are the stories true, does this ship truly contain some ancient knowledge. First thing is first''

Dasha decided to bury the fallen Jedi Master, before she does anything else. It was hard work, digging a hole without any tools, she had to use her bare hands. After an hour and a half she finished digging. The hole wasn't more than eighty centimetres deep and not more than a meter long, but it would have to do. She rested for five minutes and then she dragged Wrynn's corpse into the hole. She didn't enjoy her task, but she considered it her duty to bury this Jedi. After another hour of filling the hole with the ground again her work was finally done. She sat on a nearby stone, took off her backpack and used it as a pillow. She desperately needed sleep.

After three hours Dasha woke up. She noticed just then that she got completely dirty from the digging. There was a small underground pond about five metres left of the ship. The water looked clean. Dasha took a nearby branch of dried underground wood and threw it into the water just to make sure, she knew that the rains on Vjun were acid. Nothing happened. It was just water. Relieved, she slowly took her clothes off and entered the pond. It wasn't very large, but it was slightly deeper than she was tall. After she cleaned herself up, Dasha took her dirty robes and washed them as best as she could. She left them on a nearby stone to dry and went for her backpack. She took the spare robes she brought and got dressed. ''I knew I'd need these.''

She then gathered some of that dry underground wood and made a small campfire. She slept for another hour and then she decided it was time to take a look inside the ship. She climbed up the ramp and went in.

In the last year the ships interior hasn't changed much. Mostly, it was dustier, there was also slightly more corrosion, but other than that it was pretty much the same. Dasha looked around and saw the two deactivated ancient droids the Astromech droid in one corner and the unknown type in the other one.

''I can't believe it. These must be T3-M4 and HK-47! Incredible.'' She thought, ''Unfortunately, I don't have the time, or the tools to repair them and even if I could, I'd have to leave them here, my X-Wing isn't big enough for the three of us. Hopefully after they review my findings, the Order will arange a proper expedition and maybe even an excavation of the ship in the near future.''

Dasha took a look around the rest of the ship. She found the navicomputer, but after a few hours of attempting to bypass the voice lock, she gave up. She never was much of a hacker. She decided to try her luck with the ship's log. She managed to access it and she saw several files, she went to the most recent and played it. A hologram appeared behind her. It was a young woman, holding what appeared to be a double-bladed lightsaber. Dasha recognized her from her studies. It was Bastila Shan.

''Five days have passed since we left the Dark Planet.'' The hologram started speaking, ''Something happened to Revan when he killed that Sith Lord, he told me later that he saw the future. He said that the ship must be hidden, though we all insisted that the coordinates to that place be erased from the navicomputer, Revan forbid it. He said that such places, dark as they may be, serve their purpose and that this knowledge must wait for the right time to be discovered in the future. Hidden. Here on Vjun. A place only a few would dare look. Revan said that it is important for maintaining the balance in the Force. He ordered us to place charges on the cliffs and get to a safe distance before they are detonated. Then to bury the ship with only the two droids as its dormant guardians. I leave this message to whoever finds this ship: Be careful how you use the knowledge hidden here. If you aren't pure of heart and feel you are succumbing to the lure of the Dark Side, then leave this place immediately, otherwise you may be doomed forever.'' The message ended.

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