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Chapter VII

Aboard the Grondel life was going as usual. Every crewman did his, or her part that was required for the ship to function properly. The ship's sensors have been adjusted as Kraal wished. Everything was in perfect order. The ship will soon be at its destination - Yavin.

As the Grondel drew closer to Yavin an order came to gradually slow down. The ship was supposed to leave hyperspace somewhat further from the system, for no other reason than to avoid the Academy's sensors, just like Xerx did a year before. Slightly further from the Raktajorr's last known coordinates in this system the Grondel dropped from hyperspace. It was at that exact moment that Dasha arrived at Vjun. Kraal wanted this to be nothing more than a quick stop. They would perform their scans and immediately move on.

''Scan the area for the Raktajorr's hyperspace signature.'' Kraal ordered Master Shaper Jashra over the comm.

''Performing the scans. Please stand by, Supreme Commander.'' Jashra replied.

''I sure hope the trail doesn't end here.'' Kraal thought as he waited for the scans to be completed. ''I wonder what was the Raktajorr's next stop.''

Ten minutes later the scans were completed and Jashra reported over the comm: ''We have the results, Supreme Commander Kraal.''

''Well? What do they say?'' Kraal asked calmly, ''What's our next stop?''

''Vjun.'' Jashra reported, ''According to our results, the Raktajorr left for Vjun.''

''Interesting. Thank you Jashra, Kraal out.'' Kraal ended the conversation.

''I have to admit, this is a very interesting choice of places, Xerx, I only wonder why did you go to all these places. Can it be possible that the traitor you were chasing went to all of them and you were simply following him?'' Kraal thought, ''I'll get to the bottom of this one, I swear it.''

Kraal stood up from his chair and walked around in his office for a few minutes, contemplating everything he learned so far. He wasn't getting any conclusions, so the only rational thing to do was to continue following the trail and see where it leads him. He sat in his chair once again and contacted the navigations officer.

''Set a course for Vjun.'' Kraal ordered through the comm.

About a minute later the officer responded: ''Course is set, Supreme Commander.''

''Excellent, engage the hyperspace drive, we depart immediately.''

''Yes, sir.'' The officer obeyed.

The enormous, terrifying Kor Chokk station-ship slowly moved away from the Red Giant and entered hyperspace. The truth behind those one year old events was something Kraal would never think of. He watched through his office window as the Red Giant swiftly turned into a small dot and then disappeared completely from his sight. Hours alone divided Kraal from his next destination. He had no idea of a Jedi that was already there.

In the meantime the only thing on Master Shaper Jashra's mind was that adjustment to the ship's sensors. He spent every available moment to study it as detailed as he could. It was an enormous breakthrough for the Yuuzhan Vong and Jashra knew it. He wondered only two things Where did the Supreme Commander get the instructions on how to adjust the sensors and why isn't that information available to the rest of the fleet yet.? He assumed that there was a good answer to each of his questions, but he had no idea what it was. He stopped thinking about it for now and concentrated on his duties on this ship. Hopefully after performing another series of scans when they reach Vjun, he will have a better chance to figure out the principle on which the sensors now work. As he always said: ''Using something and understanding how it works are two completely different things.''

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