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Chapter VIII

''You have learned to use the Force well, my apprentice. You have learned to use it like a tool, but it is not enough. The Force is more than a simple means to an end, my apprentice. It is your ally. Connect deeply with it, with the midichlorines in your body, you remember when I taught you about them?''

''I remember, Master.''

''Good. Connect with them and learn to drive your power from both Dark and Light Side of the Force and there will be no limit to what you could achieve. That is the key difference between those so-called Sith and the True Teachings. That is their essence, my apprentice. Remember this well.''

''I will, Master.''

''See that you do, you will need it in your future.''


Dasha downloaded the final entry from the Ebon Hawk's log to her datapad and left the ship. ''I promised not to return empty-handed. I think this means I kept my promise. Now I just need to get back to the Academy.''

Dasha picked up the washed clothes from the rock and packed them into her backpack. They were dry now. She moved towards the tunnel she came through when an apparition materialized in front of it.

''You're going already?'' The spirit asked.

''What? Who are you?'' Dasha asked him back, terrified.

''You don't recognize me? Why, I'm the Jedi you burried just a few hours ago.'' The spirit replied.

''You are Jedi Master Anduil Wrynn!'' She shouted with excitement.

''How very perceptive of you.'' Wrynn's spirit replied.

''What did you mean by that first question?'' Dasha asked him, even more excited.

''I meant that you are going without knowing the secret of this ship. I thought it interested you.'' Wrynn's spirit replied in a sneaky tone.

''I heard that last recording in the ship's log. I know it has to do with some planet.'' Dasha replied, ''I will bring that information before Master Skywalker and the Council and leave it up to them to investigate it further. I have done my part, I don't have the necessary equipment to investigate it further.''

''What if I told you that this ship hides in its navicomputer the location of a place that can give you enough power to take over the leadership of the Jedi Order and destroy the wretched Yuuzhan Vong once and for all?'' Wrynn's spirit started to show its true face.

''What? I know what I heard in that message! The place you are talking about is clearly a place of darkness and I for one do not intend to fall to the Dark Side and betray the Order!'' Dasha replied fiercely.

''Oh, come on. You do not owe the Order anything! This is your discovery and yours alone. You have the right to enjoy its spoils.'' Wrynn's spirit insisted.

''No! I will not fall to the Dark Side as you apparently did!'' Dasha realized what Wrynn's spirit was about at last.

''The Dark Side isn't as bad as everyone portrays it to be. My only mistake was not falling sooner. If I had, I would not have died at the hands of that Vong halfbreed! I would have drawn the strength necessary to defeat him and the power he now most likely has would have been mine!'' Wrynn's spirit shouted in anger.

''I can't believe I'm hearing this. And from a Jedi Master, no less.'' Dasha cried in disappointment, ''What could have happened to you that made you betray your fellow Jedi in such a manner?''

''The Vong happened! The Order is too passive about them! I never agreed with that, but I tried to respect its leadership regardless to my personal disapproval of the Order's position about the amount of its participation in this war.'' Wrynn's spirit said bitterly.

''And you think that giving in to your anger is the answer? Falling to the Dark Side?'' Dasha barely calmed herself down.

''It's better than extinction!'' Wrynn's spirit replied fiercely.

''You are a disappointment to the entire Order and you bring nothing but shame upon it. You have indeed fallen beyond redemption. The funeral I gave you was more than you deserved.'' Dasha said and entered the tunnel that lead towards the surface.

''In the end, as you exhale your last breath while a Vong soldier mutilates your bodies, you will all know I was right!!'' Wrynn's spirit shouted from the large cavern.

Dasha ignored it completely and continued towards the surface. The tunnels were familiar to her now and the journey upwards shouldn't take too long.

It took her only an hour this time and she reached the exit to the surface. The storm had died down while she was underground. Only the desert wind was there now. Dasha moved out towards her X-Wing. She was glad her mission was over. He had a lot to tell the Council. When she reached her ship she took one more look around at the crater-filled terrain. ''What made those craters? It couldn't have been a storm. No, it was something else.'' Dasha thought, ''Ahh, that's not even important right now. I better get going.''

She entered the X-Wing but she didn't lift off right away. She sat in it for a while thinking, then she recorder her entire discovery in a form of a log and downloaded it into her datapad along with the Ebon Hawk's log. Then she lifted off.

As she was getting further and further away from Vjun's surface her satisfaction for a job well done grew. She was looking forward to return to Yavin and continue her studies in the relative safety of the Jedi Academy. Her hapiness soon changed into a feeling of unspeakable horror as she saw the enormous Yuuzhan Vong Kor Chokk type ship orbiting Vjun. The sense of dread in her eyes was undescribable. She plotted a course for Yavin and attempted to engage into hyperspace, but it was too late. The Kor Chokk's tractor beam was pulling her X-Wing towards it.

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