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Chapter X

Kraal entered his office. He just got back from the interrogation room. He sat down on his chair. He was just about to issue an order for departure when the viewscreen on his desk activated. The text said 'Urgent Message from Yuuzhan'tar'. Kraal accepted the message, but he immediately wished he hadn't. On the viewscreen he saw the stubborn, arrogant face of High Prefect Laerne.

''Hello, Kraal.'' Laerne said.

''High Prefect Laerne. To what do I owe this pleasure?'' Kraal replied sarcastically.

''A little bird told me you requisitioned one of our Kor Chokk's through illegitimate channels and left chasing for a new lead.'' Laerne said arrogantly.

''I wouldn't call them illegitimate, but more important right now is that I have made significant progress in my investigation.'' Kraal tried to change the subject. ''I handpicked my crew. Which one of them could betray me?''

''And that is supposed to justify an illegitimate field trip to... Vjun? And Yavin before that.'' Laerne continued with his accusations.

''There is nothing illegitimate about my investigation, High Prefect and you know that. Besides, I, as a Supreme Commander, have the right to requisition at least one capital ship and a crew to operate it.'' Kraal tried to pull rank.

''Perhaps. But that is a matter to be discussed in person. I want you to return to Yuuzhan'tar immediately. Your little field trip is over!''

''You can't recall us now! I am so close to finishing this investigation! Be reasonable, High Prefect. I have one more place to visit and I am certain that I will find an answer to what happened to Supreme Commander Xerx there. After that I shall return.'' Kraal insisted.

''You will return to Yuuzhan'tar immediately, or I will demand that you be stripped of rank and branded a traitor for disobeying a direct order!!'' Laerne shouted over the screen.

Something snapped in Kraal's head at that moment. Laerne was always halting his investigation with stupid technicalities, but this was the last straw. He could feel the answer waiting for him and that stuck up idiot Laerne decided that his ego is more important than closing an investigation of this magnitude.

''No, Laerne.'' Kraal finally said, ''Not this time. You have obstructed my investigation long enough, you stuck up, arrogant fool! I will proceed according to my original plan. When my investigation is complete I shall return and answer to the Warmaster himself, if I have to, but you will never bother me again!!'' Kraal shouted at the High Prefect fiercely and ended transmission.

In the meantime the guards have dragged Dasha to the airlock. This was her last chance, she had to try something. She mustered all her remaining strength and pulled out a knife from one of the guards. She stabbed one in the stomach and kicked the other one. Then she got up and quickly finished off both of them by slitting their throats. She just realized it this was the first time she killed anyone and she didn't like the feeling. Unfortunately she will probably have to kill again, if she is to get out of there alive. She took the other guard's knife and slowly started to backtrack. First order of business was to find her equipment, then she'll try to find a way to sabotage the ship's propulsion and, if possible, weaponry.

Dasha wandered through the ship's corridors, avoiding any patrols. She had no idea where her equipment was held. Suddenly she heard someone approaching. It was a guard. She hid behind the corner, prepared one of the knives and waited for the guard. As he turned to the corridor she was hiding in, Dasha quickly grabbed him from behind and put her knife under his throat.

''Listen carefully, you will tell me where you keep the prisoners' belongings and I will not kill you.'' Dasha said, trying to appear calm.

''I will tell you nothing!'' The guard said proudly.

Dasha tightened her grip and pressed the blade on his neck. ''Tell me, or die.'' She said.

The guard was frightened this time. ''All right, all right. I'll tell you. It's in a storage room on the lower deck. The room is labelled 'Trophies'.''

''Thank you.'' Dasha said and quickly removed the knife from the guards throat and hit him in the back of the head with its handle as hard as she could. The guard fell down, unconcious.

She continued to sneak through the corridors searching for a way to the lower deck. After a minute, or two she found one and went down. The lower deck was almost entirely used for storage. Dasha saw a number of storage rooms with different labels like 'Weapons', 'Armor', 'Implants', etc. She looked around for a while and then she found the storage room the guard was telling her about, the one labeled 'Trophies'.

Interestingly, the room wasn't locked, or secured in any way, so Dasha had no problem in getting inside. She dug through the pile of stuff until she found her backpack. She opened it to check if everything's there and it was. Her captors obviously simply tossed it onto the pile when they took it away from her. She took out the datapad with the Ebon Hawk's log and her own log and put it in her pocket, then she threw away the two knives she took from the Vong guards and pulled out the lightsaber Kyle Katarn gave her from her backpack.

Suddenly a voice sounded over the comm: ''All hands prepare to enter hyperspace!''

Minutes later she could feel the ship moving with increasing speed. It was going to that dark place mentioned in Bastila's log. Dasha knew that if she was to do something about it, it had to be now.

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