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Chapter XI

''You have mastered everything I taught you so far, my apprentice and you've mastered it well.''

''Thank you, Master. I tried not to disappoint you.''

''And you did a fine job, especially when that last lesson is concerned, the one about drawing your power from both sides of the Force. Still there is something I didn't tell you then and I tell you now you will draw your power from both sides of the Force, but you must not remain undecisive between them, you must align with one of them, only then will you be able to achieve your true potential.''

''I see. Then I shall align myself with the side of the Force that brought me here, the Dark Side.''

''Good. Good. Remember, be aligned with one, but draw your power from both.''

''Yes, Master.''


It was a quiet evening at the Jedi Academy. Luke was standing on a balcony, gazing at the night sky, looking at the stars. He sensed someone approaching, he turned and saw Kyle Katarn at the balcony entrance.

''You can't sleep either?'' Luke asked.

''No. I have a lot of things on my mind.'' Kyle replied calmly.

''Don't we all?'' Luke said, ''This war has drained the strength from all of us.''

''True. But I wasn't thinking about the war.''

''Then what about?'' Luke asked.

''I'm worried about Dasha, the Padawan you allowed to leave for Vjun.'' Kyle replied.

''Yes, I am too. Unfortunately, this war prevents me from thinking about it as much as I should.'' Luke said sadly.

''I sensed her through the Force, Luke. She was screaming in terror. Something happened to her, I'm sure of it. We have to do something.'' Kyle insisted.

''You know I would do anything to protect my students'', Luke said, ''but we have nobody to send. And you and I are both needed here.''

''Yes, I know damnit. I just hate to see a student like her get hurt, or worse and not be able to do something about it.'' Kyle replied bitterly.

''Even if we can't send anyone after her, there is one thing we can still do.'' Luke said with a spark of hope.

''What's that?'' Kyle asked.

''We can meditate and concentrate on her through meditation, that way we can give her the strength she needs to save herself.'' Luke replied confidently.

''Then that's what we'll do.'' Kyle said, ''Let's go. You can stare at the stars again tomorrow.'' He joked.

They left the balcony and went to the meditation chamber. Along the way they went for Dasha's Master, after all they needed all the help they could get. The three of them entered Luke's private meditation chamber and sat down on the floor, forming a triangle. They closed their eyes, cleared their minds and concentrated. They drew their power to locate Dasha from the very essence of the Force. They didn't know it, but they weren't alone in that room, the spirits of old Jedi Masters were there with them, Masters like Luke's friends and mentors Obi-Wan Kenobi and Yoda, then there were many of the old Council members, like Master Windu, Master Mundi, Master Fisto, Master Poof and Luke's own father, Anakin Skywalker. They formed a circle behind the three living Masters and were using their own essence to strengthen the efforts of the three.

It took them about half an hour, but they managed to find Dasha on a Kor Chokk station-ship, no less. She was in the cargo area. They saw her getting her things and they felt through the Force, trough Dasha when the ship started to move.

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