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Chapter XII

Dasha left the Trophy room and hurried back to the upper deck. The Grondel was drawing closer to the Dark Planet with every passing minute, she had to think fast. She was confident that she could successfully sabotage the ship, if she could only find a proper computer terminal. She heard a voice then, it felt somehow familiar, friendly. ''Go one more deck up. Find the Propulsion Control room and hack into the terminal there.'' It said.

She hurried upwards to find that Control room and stop the Yuuzhan Vong before it's too late. She sensed a number of guards blocking her path, so she ignited her lightsaber and charged hoping to catch each of them off guard and dispose of them quickly. She ran as fast as she could, slashing any guards she bumped into along the way, she had to aim for the head, since the Vonduun Crab armor protected their bodies and could easily resist a Jedi lightsaber.

Few minutes later and a few dozens of guards less, she arrived at the door of the Control room. She took a look at her lightsaber, she realized that this was the first time she used that particular saber. She noticed the light blue color of the blade, it was the most beautiful color she's ever seen. Master Katarn must have gone through a lot of trouble to get such a pure and obviously rare crystal for that lightsaber. She turned the lightsaber off and that friendly and soothing voice sounded again. ''Excellent, Dasha. Now go inside and overload the ship's propulsion. When that's done the ship will immediately drop from hyperspace and start falling apart from the pressure. You won't have much time to escape when that happens, so you'd better hurry.''

Dasha obeyed and entered the room. She quickly dispatched the two unprepared officers and got to work. It took some time for her to hack into the ship's central core, as mentioned before she wasn't much of a hacker. Fortunately for her it took a lot less than she expected, thanks to a sense of calm and calculation she felt during the entire process that she couldn't explain to herself. She knew, however, that it surely had something to do with that voice she heard before. She only wished she knew who was helping her. When she hacked in she did as she was told before she overloaded the Grondel's propulsion system and rushed out.

Supreme Commander Kraal was in his office during this entire series of events. The growing satisfaction of finally solving his investigation was interrupted by an explosion somewhere on the ship. As it violently dropped from hyperspace, the whole ship shook as if there was an incredibly strong earthquake at work. Kraal lost his balance and fell from his chair, as did most of the crew and Dasha as well. He logged into the central core and noticed the overload in the propulsion system. He quickly turned on the intercomm and ordered an immediate evacuation of the ship. As he fled from his office to the hangar bay, only one word was in his mind and that word was 'Jedi'.

The Grondel shook more and more violently from the explosions as its crew ran in panic either toward the ship's hangar bay, or to the nearest escape pod. Dasha was running towards the hangar, luckily she checked the ship's schematics before she performed her little sabotage, so this time she knew exactly where to go. She was often losing balance and falling down, due to the tremors from the explosions, but she tried not to let that slow her down.

Kraal arrived at the hangar bay only to see his crew literally kill each other to get to a coralskipper. He saw Master Shaper Jashra leaving in one of the last transports. He couldn't move. The ship was falling apart around him and Kraal just stood there and watched as if he was glued to the ground, while the last of the crew left. Only one ship remained at the hangar, the Jedi's X-Wing. Kraal slowly turned around and saw Dasha run into the hangar.

''So, little Jedi, you managed to escape death.'' Kraal said with hatred in his voice.

''Yes, I did. And I wrecked your ship along the way.'' She replied in amocking tone.

''Yes, I can see that.'' Kraal barely replied.

''And I'm quite satisfied with the results.'' Dasha continued to annoy her torturer.

''You have ruined a whole year of investigation, you Jedi bastard!'' Kraal shouted in anger.

''You ruined mine first.'' Dasha replied, ''I came to Vjun to find an ancient Jedi ship. As far as I know it had nothing to do with your investigation, which I tried to tell you. All I wanted was to return to the Jedi Academy on Yavin, but I had to bump into you and you just had to capture me, you couldn't just let me be on my way. And then you ordered your guards to have me killed. You weren't a very good host, you know.''

Kraal could barely restrain himself from laughing. ''My guards might have failed, but no matter, that means I will have the pleasure of killing you myself.'' Kraal said as he swirled his amphistaff and assumed the battle stance.

''Very well, if that's what you want.'' Dasha said and assumed the battle stance, her lightsaber was already ignited.

Kraal tightened the grip on his amphistaff and charged towards Dasha swinging the amphistaff over his head and swinging downwards as soon as he got close enough. Dasha quickly blocked his attack and used every muscle in her body to push Kraal backwards. He swirled his amphistaff once more and assumed his initial stance, this time waiting for Dasha to attack. She took a few steps to the left, holding her lightsaber vertically in front of her with both hands, then she jumped over Kraal's head, swinging her lightsaber towards it, but he immediately ducked and raised his amphistaff to block the attack. Still crouching, Kraal waited for Dasha to reach the ground behind him and then he quickly turned and tripped her. She fell on her back and Kraal stood up, turned and prepared to stab her with his weapon. He pointed his amphistaff vertically and aimed for the heart. As he plunged it down Dasha quickly rolled to the right and evaded the death blow. She stood up and used the Force to pull the lightsaber, which she dropped when she fell, back into her hand. Kraal was getting angrier, a mere child was giving him so much trouble. Him, an experienced soldier, couldn't handle an eightteen year old human girl. He decided to change his tactics. The amphistaff looked much like a serpent, but it was also a weapon and a favoured one among the Yuuzhan Vong warriors. He let the staff slide down his arm until its head, then he grabbed the head in a special manner thereby loosening the staff and turning it into a whip. He swung the whip towards Dasha's lightsaber, almost managing to make her drop it. Almost, but not this time. He kept swinging the whip at her and she kept repelling it with her lightsaber. Then Kraal aimed for the legs. He swung the whip, managing to swirl it around her ankles and pulled her towards him. Dasha fell on her back once again and dropped her lightsaber. Kraal kept pulling the whip and Dasha towards him as she tried desperately to grab her weapon. She was now at Kraal's feet. He crouched and pulled out his Coufee dagger meaning to slash her throat. He slowly put the blade at her throaat, looking her right in the eyes. Kraal wanted to enjoy her terrified look as she dies. He let his guard down. Dasha used the Force once again to quickly pull her lightsaber back to her hand, she swiftly moved her hand to the side of Kraal's torso, it was one of the few weak spots of the Vonduun Crab armor. His look now changed to one of terror as she ignited her lightsaber, thereby stabbing Kraal right through his stomach. He fell down on his back in agony. Dasha looked upon him, while the Grondel was still falling apart around them.

''Your people are great warriors.'' Dasha said to Kraal, ''It is a shame we had to be enemies.''

''Perhaps...'', Kraal said as he was coughing up blood, ''Perhaps one day we won't be.'' ''There's an interesting thought.'' Then he died.

''I'll look forwards to that day.'' Dasha smiled gently and hurried to her X-Wing.

She flew out of the hangar with maximum speed, a few seconds later there was a large explosion behind her, the ship was gone. Only a small amount of wreckage remained. Dasha was finally relieved. She did her duty, now it was time to return to the Jedi Academy. She plotted a course, entered hyperspace, turned on the autopilot and passed out.

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