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Dasha's X-Wing was slowly approaching its destination, the Jedi Academy on Yavin. She was exausted from the torture and the fight and was unconcious during the whole journey back. Images flashed in her head, in her subconcious mind. Suddenly the random images from her life disappeared and there was nothing, but darkness.

A few dots of light started to appear and it wasn't as dark anymore. In the dream Dasha was once again flying through space. Those dots of light, she realized, were stars and they moved past her with incredible speed. She saw something approaching. It was a dead planet with an enormous structure on its surface. Suddenly Dasha found herself inside the structure and she wasn't alone. She saw a dark, hooded figure two metres in front of her.

''Where am I?'' She asked.

''You are still in your ship, on your way to the Jedi Academy.'' The Dark figure whispered, ''This is just a dream.''

''Who are you?'' Dasha was even more confused.

''That is of no importance.'' The figure whispered, ''What is important, however, is that I have brought you here to thank you.''

''Thank me? For what?'' Dasha was completely lost.

''For destroying the Yuuzhan Vong ship, what else.'' The figure replied.

''What is this place?'' Dasha asked.

''This... this is a place you heard about in the Ebon Hawk's log, girl.'' The figure whispered with satisfaction.

''What?'' Dasha was terrified.

''Yes, this is indeed the residence of the True Teachings, the very place the Yuuzhan Vong would have discovered, if not for your... timely intervention.'' The figure gloated.

''It can't be.'' Dasha couldn't believe it. The fear in her grew.

''Oh, yes. And I have brought you here, in your dream, to thank you for protecting it.'' The Dark figure gloated, ''Thanks to you, my work remains uninterrupted. My apprentice grows stronger and wiser by the day and he will continue to do so for quite some time, until his training is complete. And when he learns all I have to teach him, he will unleash his power upon the Galaxy and none will dare stand in his way. All thanks to you, Dasha.'' The figure and the dark room Dasha was in disapeared with the figure's evil laughter still echoing in the background.

Luke Skywalker was finishing breakfast when Kyle Katarn came in with news.

''Our sensors have detected a small ship approaching Yavin.'' Kyle said, ''It's an X-Wing!''

''You think it's Dasha?'' Luke asked.

''I am sure of it.'' Kyle replied with great joy, ''The ship was on autopilot, our technicians are bringing it in as we speak.''

''Excellent. We were due for some good news!'' Luke said cheerfully.

''Well, what are we waiting for? Let's go to the hangar and meet her!'' Kyle said with great excitement.

Luke stood up and they left for the hangar. When they arrived there, a couple of minutes later, a guard waited for them.

''Where is she?'' Luke asked the guard.

''In the medbay, Master Skywalker. She was in pretty bad shape when we found her.'' The guard reported, ''Here are her things.'' He handed Dasha's backpack to Kyle.

''When can we see her?'' Kyle asked.

''We should let her rest for awhile.'' Luke interrupted him.

''Yeah, I guess you are right.'' Kyle replied, he opened Dasha's backpack and found a datapad in it.

''What do you suppose is on it?'' Luke asked.

''Hopefully, some answers.'' Kyle said, ''We should take a look, maybe it can clear a few things up for us.''

They went back to Luke's private chamber and inserted the datapad into his terminal. There were two logs on it, one was Dasha'd and the other appeared to be from the Ebon Hawk.

''She found it.'' Luke said.

Kyle selected Dasha's log and started the playback.

Dasha's voice started to speak: ''I have found the Ebon Hawk. It was hidden deep under Vjun's surface. I have also found the corpse of the Jedi Master Anduil Wrynn and buried it. A few hours later his spirit appeared before me and I learned that prior to his death Master Wrynn fell to the Dark Side. He attempted to draw me to the Dark Side too, but I managed to resist.''

''By the Force.'' Luke said.

The journal continued: ''After numerous attempts I have failed to bypass the voice lock on the Ebon Hawk's navicomputer, but I have managed to download a log from the ship, that you might find particularly interesting.''

''That other log on the datapad!'' Kyle said.

''I am currently being pulled into the hangar of a Yuuzhan Vong ship, I am recording this log so that if something happens to me my discovery is not lost. I have also provided the coordinates of the Ebon Hawk's exact location on this datapad. It is my hope that the Order will one day be able to arrange an excavation of the ship and discover its secrets entirely.'' The log ended.

Luke and Kyle were extremely intrigued. Luke selected the log from the Ebon Hawk and started its playback. They saw the holoimage of Bastila Shan explaining Revan's last adventure and the secret contained within the Hawk's navicomputer. They were both left speachless.

After a few minutes they went to the medbay to see how Dasha was doing. One of the doctors greeted them.

''How is she?'' Luke asked.

''Not good, Master Skywalker. We have no idea what's wrong with her, but ever since we found her she kept repeating one thing over and over.'' The doctor replied.

Luke and Kyle approached the bed in which Dasha was laying. They couldn't believe their eyes and ears. The look in Dasha's eyes was one of undescribable terror and she repeated one sentence over and over in a paranoid tone: ''He is coming, the unstoppable Dark Lord, the whole galaxy will tremble at his feet and then the whole galaxy will burn!!''

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