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1. Curse was the first one I played, so I do have a biased attachment to it. I love cartoons and 2D animation, so I enjoy its look the best. Bill Tiller also did some breathtaking backgrounds. The music was magnificent, and the environment immersive. I also thought it was the funniest.

2. I like MI2 for its thrilling plot. You're wanted everywhere, and you know LeChuck is making a plan to kill ya.

3. MI1 was good as well, what can I say?

4. EMI relied way too heavily on pop culture references. I know MI uses pop culture jokes, but this is first time it's taken the center plot. It also completely ignored what the previous games established (ex. see Herman Toothrot). CMI at least had an optional segment that explained everything in detail about what happened between the two games.
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