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Originally Posted by Emperor Devon
Were there plans for a KotOR II when KotOR I was released on Xbox? Even if there were, loose ends in a game should be wrapped up in that game.
There is no evidence I know of to support the idea that the fall of Malak & Revan was to be tied up, whereas we all know most loose ends in TSL were there because of cut content.

Originally Posted by Emperor Devon
I cannot make TSL more "complete" by pointing that out. But whining about a minor plot hole in one game and ignoring a major one in another game is inconsistent of you.
I was merely stating that pointing out other games' removed material in no way affects what was removed from TSL. I don't care what was cut from KOTOR 1 as it was covered up well. My "whining" is at the TSL story suffering because of a confusing, fragmented, rushed ending.

Originally Posted by Emperor Devon
I see my statement proved to complex for you to understand. What I meant was that the things missing from TSL are either scenes with obvious outcomes, OR they are things that prolong the gameplay and have no relevance to the plot. An example of the second thing I listed would the Padawan in the Enclave's sublevel (Kaevee, I think it was?) who controlled the laigreks.
But the obvious outcomes were not the ones originally intended. Was the remote supposed to be left, doomed? Who is on the Ebon Hawk as it flies off in the under-whelming final cut scene? Streamlining game-play is thing, and I'm all for working out answers; but TSL forces you to make them up because it couldn't be bothered to itself.
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