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It can be comforting to get your problems out on the table…
Definetly. Pray, rant, write, draw, paint, express your issues in any way you want. It's a good coping skill.

Of course, it's an even better coping skill to talk to someone who really cares and who listens and says the right things. They can be awfully hard to come by, sadly.

The very idea of most any deity that people pray to is that they already have a master plan for everything, and it doesn't really matter what you ask for, or what you want, what is already planned out is planned out and is going to happen.

Doesn't it seem awfully pretentious to think that an all-knowing, all-powerful being is going to change it's timeless plan for everything just because it's currently inconveniencing you?
I never thought of it that way. Well put.

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