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I'm terribly sorry everyone. Yesterday's tennis tryouts turned out to be... well, much longer than expected. Since I missed most of tryouts, I had to play a total of FOUR matches. I came home, slept.. woke up to eat dinner and then slept more.

I figured it was alright to miss this ONE deadline, as long as I worked on it today. Unfortunately, today was disgustingly similar to yesterday and so... I screwed up.

But I'm unwilling to let my bad planning cause too much delay. I will be in Chicago for most of the weekend, but I (I shall give myself a more reasonable deadline now) will have EVERYTHING I mentioned (plus submissions/ideas from recent posts) up by midnight Tuesday, August 22.

There now! I hope this is an "OK" plan... I'll try not to misjudge my time in the future to avoid any more problems.

Thanks for your patience!


My birthday is tomorrow and... I got a new computer today! However, I have to set it up...and I can't upload anything at the moment. >__<;; I'm sorry but I must postpone this update yet again. Probably tomorrow and if not, Friday. *sigh*

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