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Originally Posted by MdKnightR
Degobah Green - a green blade with a very faint yellow core. It has the same stats as the Jedi Master Prestige Class Saber produced by Maverick187 & RedHawke, but the blade is distinctly different.

Weaponmaster Blue-green - The same color and stats as the Jedi Weaponmaster Prestige Class Saber produced by Maverick187 & RedHawke. I included it because it is one of my all time favorite saber colors!

Thanks to Maverick187 for the inspiration from the Prestige Class Sabers.
I'm glad to have played even the tiniest part of inspiration to your mod, and Blue-Green has always been a favorite of mine Unfortunately I haven't had a chance to use your mod, but it looks very well done and this animated texture thing has piqued my interest

and I may be a little late, but for anyone who is interested, a direct link download from

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