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Excuse me sir, but as a former Mahayana Buddhist myself I don't appreciate your claim that Mahayana Buddhism is not Buddhism.
Regardless, my claim is true, for the reasons stated above. If you wish to debate those reasons, please do so.

In fact he would be closer to Jesus in the Western World than God himself. Buddha is a helper or a visualizer to the path of Nirvana, which would be what equals God.
Nirvana does not equal "God". Nirvana is a conceptualisation of an end to material suffering and repetitive reincarnation into this world. Nirvana is closer to being oblivion than it is to being some white-bearded skydaddy. And Buddha is no emmisary from some deity, he was allegedly a man who walked a path and chronicled his path so that others could follow. Nothing more, nothing less.

Lighting incense a few times a week, to my knowledge is to acknowledge Buddha and acknowledge his wisdom, and ask that a bit of that wisdom help you.
And that is not Buddhism. If you want the wisdom of Buddha to help you, Go and read some of it. Burning incense is an irrelevance. You may feel as though you are in some way "paying your respects", but if you want to show respect for Buddha's wisdom, do some of the things he recommends, like casting away desire. Igniting an odourful twig isn't what I'd call a useful pastime. If Buddha ever existed and he were around to tell you, I'm sure he'd say to do something more useful. Hasten and strive, and all that.

Though I'm no longer a Buddhist, just thought I'd clarify this, as unnecessary attacks on any religion are in poor taste, good sir.
For a start, Buddhism is not a religion.

I try to follow the teachings of Buddha. In this respect, I am a true Buddhist. I am also a true Christian, because I try to follow the teachings of Christ. But I am also an atheist, and I subscribe to none of the nonsense of big-raft organised cults such as Catholicism, Islam or Mahayana "Buddhism". And frankly, I don't feel in the least bit contrite about attacking such fraudulent and wasteful institutions.

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