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Ah, and you played the Hitler card.
If I said Christianity was as bad as Nazism, I'd be. I'm not.

As for Nazism, Nazism wasn't a belief system, nor even a system of governance, it was a totalitarian ideology- very much like neoconservatism- and it was based on inherently immoral ideas.
They're both systems, however. I'm not saying Christianity and Nazism are comparable moral-wise, but they're both ideologies.

There are a lot of immoral ideas in the Bible, too (such as the hatred towards homosexuals). When Fred Phelps follows them, apparently that's not the Bible's fault. Yet when neo-Nazis follow Hitler's "teachings", suddenly it's his fault.

I'm not saying Christianity's as bad as Nazism. Nowhere near it.
You might as well have asked "Do you apply the same reasoning to cabbage?
But of course I do! Timothy McVeigh, Stalin, and Chairman Mao all loved cabbage! Clearly there's a connection!

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