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Originally Posted by ET Warrior
In this case, wouldn't it be better to discuss your problems with another person? One who will actually talk to you and likely make an active attempt to make you feel better? As opposed to some silent possibly-existant deity whose answer MIGHT come in the form of some ambiguous 'sign' of you getting hit by a car?

The very idea of most any deity that people pray to is that they already have a master plan for everything, and it doesn't really matter what you ask for, or what you want, what is already planned out is planned out and is going to happen.

Doesn't it seem awfully pretentious to think that an all-knowing, all-powerful being is going to change it's timeless plan for everything just because it's currently inconveniencing you?
Damn right! You hit it right on the nail ET Warrior.

God only answers prayers only for those ones who kisses it ass the most.

God surely don't give a f**k for everyone on Earth or in this universe.

As thoses lying Christians whould have you believe in.

He surely also did'nt give f**k for those 11 million souls who died in the death camps in humiliating, disgusting and unacceptable circumstances.

I just wanted to remind you all and those delusional Christians about that visible fact again.

To show you all the damning evidence of God's failures of answersing people prayers; 11 million and still counting.
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