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Raze snorted. "You didn't miss much," she said to him. "We're heading to the cesspit of the Galaxy, otherwise known as Nar Shaddaa. Dooku wants us to find and 'neutralise' some Republic listening post that's causing him some bother. There's this Hutt on the Smuggler's Moon..." She thought for a moment. "Guano? Guava? No, Gualla," she said, with a definitive nod. "Dooku suspects that this Gualla has helped the Republic build it their little spy base. So, we find him, and hopefully, with some persuasion from our lovely and pleasant bunch of hired soldiers on board, he'll tell us where it is." She grinned quickly. "Sounds fun, doesn't it. Well... fun aside from the fact that we have Dooku's little 'watchdog' on board." She lowered her voice slightly. "She's trouble, Rich. I'm no Jedi, but even I can sense that much."

She watched him for a moment. Even as she had been talking, Logan had been keeping an eye on the engine gauges. He had always been dedicated to his work, at least, he had been for the few years that she had known him. Dooku couldn't have hired a better person for the job. And Raze was glad there was at least one person on board that she didn't feel like she had to be watching her back around.

"You want me to bring you back some 'E'-Rats?" she asked, wondering if he was planning on remaining with his beloved engines, or thinking about perhaps meeting some of the crew. "They're not bad. If you like nuna, that is."

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