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"Oh indeed," Raze said sarcastically. "The most pleasant and cultured collection of murderers and cutthroats you'd ever find on this side of Coruscant." She paused for a moment, watching him as he fiddled with something inside the panel his head was buried in. "The Captain's not that bad, though," she said. "A bit too Calvalier for my tastes, but he's 'cheery' enough. The others are... tolerable, for the most part, but I don't think any of them are true spacers though." She snorted with amusement. "By the way, if you were planning on using the fresher anytime soon, don't. Seth, the Zabrak, has got a touch of 'space sickness'." She grinned mischeivously. "It wasn't the Extended Rations, I swear," she added jokingly.

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