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I've got a question for you: would you rather be raised in a single-parent family in which conditions are less than nominal (or even really, really bad), or be killed before you even had a chance to experience life? I'm not talking the hypothetical 'someone.' I'm talking you. Would you rather have a chance, or die before you were even born?
Life all the way. You have a ridiculously low chance of being born, and then you've got one life to live, and that's it. I'll take it and live it even if it's horrible, because it's better than nothing.

As for fetuses being alive: Yes, they are. They're part of the homo sapiens species, which is a species of living things. Going by your reasoning about them not being able to reproduce, then, as rccar said (for once I agree with him), my six-year old cousin is not alive. Sterile John Doe is not alive. Castrated Ronny the Rapist is not alive (OK, that last one probably doesn't cut it, but I threw it in none-the-less).

Life is defined species-wise, not level-of-development-wise. A fetus is an organic, living thing. It's incredibly dependant and can, with a certain degree of tongue-to-cheek, be called a parasite of sorts, but it is alive. The moral implications of that may bother you, but that's honestly not my problem.

This is one thing that makes no sense to me: no one is mature enough to own a gun, or make decisions about whether or not to smoke, and many communities (including my own) have even decided that kids aren't mature enough to be entrusted with the decision of whether or not it's healthy to drink soda (there is now a law banning soda machines on school campuses)...but somehow they're old enough and mature enough to decide to have an abortion? How does this make any sense at all?
As for the soda/snacks machines, I applaud that all the way. They were doing that in Houston, too, when I left the States. Soda machines replaced by machines "serving" healthy drinks and snack machines replaced by machines serving healthy food.

It'll go a long, long way towards making Americans healthier.

As for abortion consent, I'm divided on that. My biggest gripe, though, is that the father of the fetus has no decision-rights whatsoever: It's 50% his child, yet his power to decide whether or not to abort the fetus is 0%.

Having an abortion is not like giving blood or getting a piercing. The blood is 100% yours, the baby is 50% your mate's.

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