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Chapter 8


“Jonas, my old friend” said Revan smiling when Jonas came into view as he and Nom, came around a corner of tree’s.

Revan stopped “What happened to you?” he asked, looking at Jonas “It looks like you went ten rounds with a Krayt-Dragon and still came off second best”

Jonas merely smiled. “I found my true calling,” he said with an evil smile spreading across his face.

“Ahh, right” said Revan uncertainly “How did you get here Jonas?”

“You will know the ship well Revan, as you travelled across the galaxy in the quest to bring down Malak”

“The Ebon Hawk” said Revan impressively “How is she going?”

“Good enough” smirked Jonas, remembering the image of the scorched plated ship. “But that’s not the point, to this whole un-needed conversation”

Revan, looked in his eyes … into his pale yellow eyes, not enough sleep was one thing, "but damn" thought Revan … Jonas looked like the living dead.

“Why are you here, Jonas?” he asked

“Looking for you, Revan,” and he added “Old friend”

“Why? Nothing has happened has it? Nothing wrong with the republic or anything like that?” asked Revan apprehensively.

Jonas’s smile grew larger “Oh” he said, “I don’t think that you have to worry about the Republic, anymore that is”

“What?” said Revan, and then it dawned on him

“Oh no” he said.
Nom looked between the both of them wondering what was going on “What is it Revan?” he asked

“Get behind that boulder Nom” is all that Revan had said “Now!” as he drew out his lightsaber and igniting the brilliantly coloured blue energy blade.

Nom didn’t need telling twice, he knew this was not going to be good, he ran and dived behind the large boulder what Revan had indicated and peeped his head just high enough to see what was happening.

“You have fallen,” said Revan, gloomily.

“No” said Jonas; drawing out his own lightsaber blade and igniting his own Red blade of energy “I have found power, and the true meaning to my very existence”

“And what is that?” spat Revan “To destroy everything what we have fought all our lives to protect?”

With a smile and a wink Jonas said “Precisely”

“Too bad you won’t live to see that day of reckoning!” said Revan, lifting his Lightsaber high above his head.

“You cannot defeat me Revan, I am too powerful” said Jonas

“We shall see,” said Revan and he ran towards Jonas, and Jonas ran towards him with his own lightsaber held high.
Revan swung his lightsaber down and it clashed hard, against the red blade, of Jonas’s, so they looked eye to high, both trying to overpower the other. Revan kneed Jonas in the gut and he fell backwards onto one knee, and Revan lunged his lightsaber downward at Jonas’s neck, but it was blocked and Jonas bought his own saber sweeping down across at Revan’s legs.
Revan shot upwards, and flipped over Jonas so that he landed behind him and he struck at his back.

Jonas did a roll and evaded the oncoming attack, jumped up, turned and used the Force to send Revan flying back into a large stump of a tree. Revan threw his lightsaber directly at Jonas, directing it with his hand, but Jonas dodged it and when sprinting towards Revan. His lightsaber came flying back into his hand, and he was able to block the incoming attack just in time, and with agility as fast as a snake, Revan lashed his lightsaber across Jonas shoulder, cutting it deep; blood automatically soaking his clothed shoulder, and down his arm. With a yell, he flipped backwards and onto a high mound.

“Had enough?” yelled Revan, looking up at his once was friend.
“Never” said Jonas “I swear to you now Revan, at the end of all this, I will gaze down upon your corpse and smile!” he screamed

“At the end of what?” yelled back Revan, but Jonas sped through the air and into the clumps of tree’s and out of sight within seconds.

“Nom?” said Revan, looking around breathing heavily.

“I’m here” Nom’s voice replied, as he came out of the cover of the boulder. “Was-“ he began “Was that a friend of yours?”

“Old” Revan corrected “old friend, yes … but he has now turned towards the Dark Side, I cannot give up all hope to turn him back, but I don’t think that there is a chance that I will be able too,”

“You have to try though,” said Nom “Nobody is without redemption, you of all should know that”

Revan looked down at Nom and smiled “Touché” he said “That I do, and no ... I will not give up hope, until I know for sure, but I cannot fight this alone. There is something, darker here … on this planet, and I do not think Jonas is acting on his own free will … he is a puppet I presume, and where there’s a puppet, there has to be a puppeteer. And that’s what I intend to find out, but I will need help with that,”

“I will help you with that” said Nom smiling, a fire lighting up in his eyes.

“Thank you once again Nom, but im afraid you cannot help me here, I need you … if you’re willing … to take the Ebon Hawk, and fly to Corusant, to the Jedi Temple. Look for Bastilla, and tell her its time; the galaxy is in need of our help once more. If she asks why, tell her that I will tell them all about it, once they get here”

“They?” asked Nom

“You will need to gather some old friends, on your way back,” said Revan smiling “Say to Bas, that we need everyone, for this. She will know what you mean, so Nom … Will you do this for me?”

“Yes”-said Nom, nodding his head.

Revan smiled “Good” he said, “Now, let’s go, where I first sensed Jonas, was not too far from here and I daresay that’s where we shall find the Ebon Hawk,”

They started walking, and Nom started to get butterflies in his stomach. He wasn’t sure what this was due to; Whether it was because he was leaving this planet for the first time, and that he was going alone, or knowing that he had to come back here after he had left. But while walking, I thought at the back of his, kept on popping up, and annoying him. He wanted to ask Revan, but what if it was nothing? That would be both annoying and embarrassing, but after ten minutes of debating with himself, he piped up; “Revan?”

“Yes Nom” said Revan looking down at him while they walked

“Before, just after you saved me from the trandoshans. You were starting to say thing after I told about the dream I had, seeing you and stuff”

“Ahh” said Revan

“I was wondering” Nom continued “Whether there’s more to be said about that?” he looked up at Revan with a hopeful gaze on his face.

Five more minutes they walked, Revan had said nothing, but he himself was debating inside his own mind, whether he should tell Nom or not, but it was important, and yes, there was potential ... there was a great power hiding inside Nom, but would he unleash it upon the galaxy in the quest of peace, or destruction?
He finally decided that that was a problem with all Force-sensitives, and young padawans.

“Inside you Nom” Revan started, and Nom looked straight back up to Revan’s face “Is a great power, I can sense it, and if you can wield it, and control it ... there’s a making of a Jedi inside you, you can feel the Force, and hopefully, with my help, along with Bastilla’s and some of the other companions you will be receiving, you will become a great Jedi” he stopped and looked down at Nom “That is ofcourse, you will be willing, to learn the ways of the Jedi?”

That same fire sparked in Nom’s eyes once more “Yes, Master Jedi ... Of- ofcourse I do”

“Now Nom, this isn’t a decision to be rushed into, a path of the Jedi is a long, and hard one which can sometimes take an unexpected turn, sometimes for the best, sometimes … for the worst. With things that tempt you around every corner, you will face challenges, which demand every ounce of determination in you. Are you able to live such a life?”

Nom nodded “Yes, I am, and I will,”

“That’s good” he clapped his hands together and Revan, continued, “Now, we need to get o the Ebon Hawk,”

So they walked on, through the scrub, until the clearing, which the Ebon Hawk occupied, and they gazed upon the ship. Revan was horrified, all of the beauty which it once held was now gone, and the ship which he had used to know, was now no more.

“Damn it!” Spat Revan

“What?” said Nom surprisingly.

“Now I have to bloody clean this thing again!”

* * *

Revan plotted the hyperspace co-ordinates, for Corusant into the Navi-Computer for Nom, and showed him what he would need to do, once he arrived at Corusant, and then he said.

“Your path of the Jedi starts now, on your way to Corusant, you will find in the starboard Dormitory, a footlocker, and inside it some Jedi robes … and in the Garage in the cupboards, underneath the workbench, some Lightsaber crystals hopefully. When you get to Corusant, Bastilla will recognise for whom you are, and it all should be alright, now … I must leave you. I shall see you once more soon young padawan,” And with that, Revan took his leave, and walked out of the loading ramp and out into the clearing to watch Nom takeoff.

Nom took a deep breath “OK, let’s see how this goes” He ignited the engine, and the Ebon Hawk lifted off the ground and flew up into the sky and out into space. Nom pressed the button what Revan told him to push, and with a split second slow-down, Nom was shot into Hyperspace, leaving Revan alone, down on the planet below.

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