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Jack finally finished enhancing his darts and daggers with the poisons given by the good Doctor. "Hmm, now I really want to start testing something, but since killing or tranquillizing any of the crew members is out of the question, the stealth generator will do."

Jack took his modified stealth generator out of his locker and put it on. When he turned it on, he vanished completely. When Jack looked down to look at himself, he couldn't see a thing, not even sign a standard stealth generator would have. "Now this is going to be tricky." he though as he started walking around the ship in stealth mode.

As he passed the engineering room he heard Raze and Logan having a conversation. Since he didn't have anything else to do, he decided to enter the room and sat down in the empty corner, where he could listen to the whole conversation without being noticed.

After listening for a while, he heard Raze say:
Originally Posted by JasraLantill
"if the Captain ever assigns the good Doctor to galley duty, I'll be going on a starvation diet real quick."
"She has no idea what the good Doctor is capable of making. I've seen stuff in that medical deposit of which an assassin could only dream off. If he ever get's mad at anyone, not even touching your personal belongings would be safe anymore ." Jack thought.
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