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K'nala decided to leave the Mercenaries to it and wanted to check out the bridge. Unknown to the crew she was given permission to kill any member of the crew if they tried to betrey her master (While she was playing the loyal servent). Because of this she had too know how to pilot the ship incase the betrayal came from the ships pilot and had to fly it as the rest couldn't.

She entered the bridge and looked around, no one was here at the moment they all seemed to be somewhere else on the ship. She analised the control and realised she was more than capable of flying it. K'Nala had a plan of taking control of the sepritist army, she only had to kill Dooku and take his place, sideous was unknown to the them and would remain unapposed. Once she had control of the Droid armies she will become the ruler of the entire galaxy, but first she had to kill Dooku and she needed Alies to do so...
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