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"Looking for something? Or are you just learning the controls?" Shadow asked K'Nala from behind her. He had followed her in and was curious.

Shadow remembered the first Dark Jedi he had met, Count Dooku, or Darth Tyrannous as they called him. He was completely different from what Shadow had expected. Sith were supposed to be ruthless power-hungry monsters from what he had been told. Dooku was a kind gentleman.

Dooku had offered him a contract and Shadow had accepted, since finding a contractor in that time was a bit hard due to heavy Jedi crackdowns recently. It was actually his easiest one. All he had to do was sabotage a luxury ship carrying a few important senators. It was easy to disguise as mechanic, after studying how to fix things in a ship so that he could pass off as one, and then plant a few hidden charges in the engine room and bail out. He also killed his first Jedi that day three years ago. After that, Shadow decided to take up a long term contract working for Dooku.

Shadow hoped that his apprentice would know good manners like him.
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