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BattleFront is my Platoon, so if interested please go to our site

here is some info about our clan:

We strive to be an elite and professional group of gamers. We expect our members to act professional, and organize ourselves as such.We are very well trained gamers, and well disciplined people. With this gaming clan we are trying to train the best of the best. We want to be known as the most elite group of gamers on the net. We are trying to get a unit for every multiplayer game that is out there, and create the ultimate gaming clan.We are the most disciplined, and organized clan out there. We do not tolerate any type of disrespect from our members, recruits, or other clans. We recruit anybody that wants to work hard, and is motivated. We are structured in the image of the Marine Corps, and like the Marine Corps we do not take any "crap" from anyone. If you would like to join us please visit our site.

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