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"You'd better hurry Jethro, I don't know how long it'll take before the wookies are all loaded onto the shuttles, but I doubt we have much time left." Kyla said to her brother. "Let's go Sara." and the two of them went off.

"Ok....operation lure-out-the-sacks-of-genes is ready to go..." Jethro thought as he saw the two girls dissapearing in the forest.

He followed the path to the clearing and went out in the open. "Here goes nothing." he murmered and started running towards the shuttles. Some of the stormtroopers saw him coming and an imperial officer asked him to report.
"Good thing this trooper wrote his clone number on his helmet." Jethro thought.

"TH-1185 reporting in sir, I've lost my patrol to a pair of Jedi back in the forest, I barely got out alive to get help."

"What?" The officer replied "A pair of Jedi in the forest?"

"Yes sir, they are heading towards our location as we speak." Jethro answered

"We'll send two platoons to deal with them." The commander turned around and ordered two platoons to get ready to get back into the forest.

"There are two jedi back in the forest heading our way, TH-1185 will lead you to them. Shoot them on sight! If you come back without the corpses I will personally execute you." the commander ordered.

"As you command sir." One of the leading stormtroopers replied and the platoons turned around and marched into the forest with Jethro leading them towards the place where they killed the stormtrooper patrol.

"So far so good...I sure hope Kyla and Sara will save the wookies in time."
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