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"Perhaps." Shadow said looking out also. Shadow remembered his first trip into hyperspace as a child. Shadow had been scared out of his skin when he saw the stars moving so fast. He thought that they might hit one, but there had been others to help calm him down. Now in a sense he was all alone.

He looked at K'Nala and had to admit she was beautiful. Beneath that though, was a person who only focused on hate and other unwanted emotions. He wondered what it was like to focus on hate all the time, never being happy or at peace. He at first imagined that they would be tired since anger took energy to fuel, but that wasn't the case for the Sith he had met so far.

Shadow found hate to be a useless emotion for him. It clouded thinking and logic, which most of the time resulted in death if not kept in check. He looked back out into hyperspace and wonderd, what use was hate when it was more likely to destroy you than it was to help you?
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