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Originally Posted by steven
"Thats the one," replied Richard as took it off her "Thank you." He then placed in the reconditioned one in to replace to new one he had removed earily. He then placed the metal lid back on and turned a lever on a pipe above which caused some steam to released from a pipe above the hyperdrive engine.
Raze dusted off her hands. "Well, it'll be a few more hours until we get to Nar Shaddaa, so I'm heading off to check the autopilot, then I'll take a snooze." She started to leave. "But I'll get those rations to you first."

She left and went to the common room and quietly fetched Logan's rations from the galley. "Where do you want these?" she asked him upon her return, as Logan was busy doing various adjustments. "Should I just set them here in this empty corner, out of the way?"

((OOC: The empty corner where Jack 'might' still be standing.))

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