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Raze was irritated. Irritated by her Captain, but even more irritated at her inability to keep her skin from flushing hues of blue. "'Pick up some repair skills,'" she grumbled quietly, as she stormed down the corridor towards the bridge. "Yeah. Right. He's the one that's going to need 'repair' if he keeps prying his nose into..."

She paused as she passed through the common room, thinking that it was best not to berate the Captain out loud in front of any of the crew. No matter if he is a prying, nosy little nerfherding Sith-loving Spice-smuggling low-life assassin with a head too swelled with self-arrogance to fit up a Hutt's...

She stopped dead in her tracks. She had reached the bridge. And K'nala was there. And even though she was pensively staring out the window, Raze knew that K'Nala was aware of her presence.

Crap, she thought. I sure hope she's only able to read feelings, not specific thoughts. But what she said was, "Well, K'Nala, Count Dooku said you were skilled, but he didn't mention that you were a pilot as well. So seeing how you obviously have everything under control, I'll just retire to my quarters until it's time to drop out of hyperspace."

Raze turned and left quickly. She didn't want to get on K'Nala's bad side. Ever.

As she headed to her quarters, her skin hues began to return to normal as she began to think about the reasons why K'Nala was in the cockpit. And what she thought wasn't good. Her room was next to the Captain's but she paused just outside his door.

"Damn," she said under her breath, cursing herself for wanting to share her thoughts with him. But after a moment of hesitation, she knocked on his door.

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