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(( I meant you should meet them after they sneaked past the stormtroopers and are waiting at the edge of the forest, right next to the open field, not where they are now. ))

Jethro was leading the first patrol of stormtroopers into the forest. He didn't expect this many stormtroopers to be send with him, but at least he made Sara's job a lot easier. If they were able to sneak past the stormtroopers that is.

"This is bad." Kyla thought when she heard the stormtroopers coming closer. She quickly sneaked past another couple of trees and stopped to look back. "Damnit, they're getting too close to Sara!" she thought when she saw the patrols closing in on Sara's hiding spot. Kyla quickly picked up a piece of wood from the ground and threw it far away in another direction, creating a distraction for the stormtroopers close to Sara.

"What was that?" a stormtrooper said. "I don't know, go check it out." another replied. They started moving away from Sara to investigate the noise. At that point, Kyla took her chance and started sneaking past a few more patrols and was getting close to the meeting point. They were too close so she had to wait a few moments before the last patrol passed her and then jumped over the fallen tree and waited for Sara. "Phew, that was close."

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