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Raze entered the Captain's room. She'd only been in here once, and that was when they had been going over the crew manifest and supply rations. She glanced at the chair by the Captain's desk that she had sat in then, but decided that it was better to stand this time.

"Captain," she started. "I came to...." The word stuck in her throat. "Apologize. It was wrong for me to verbally berate you in front of Mr. Logan. But you were out of line for trying to bully him into talking about his private affairs." She paused a beat. "I served with Mr. Logan aboard another vessel some time ago. He is very dedicated to his engines. He will not let you down, if for no other reason than he wouldn't want to see this ship sent off to the scrapyard." She paused again, slightly unsure how to continue. "So, I'm sorry.

"I've also been thinking about our 'on-board advisor,' K'Nala," she continued, finally getting to the real reason she had decided to talk to him. "I encountered her on the bridge. Just now. At my station. And I suspect she knows how to pilot a ship, which makes me feel slightly more uncertain about her." She frowned slightly. "If she does know how to fly it, it means neither one of us are 'indispensible' to her."

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