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Jack stepped into his room and turned off his stealth field generator.

"That is the last time I ever use my stealth generator for useless purposes like that. Trying to talk to a Jawa is more entertaining than listening to that conversation." He sighed and lay down on his bed. After a minute or two, he fell asleep.

Jack was still peeking through the ventilation shaft of Secura's hotel room. "I thought Jedi were always on watch?" he though as he saw the Jedi sleeping in her bed. He looked around and saw that her lightsaber on top of a desk next to the bed. "Hmm, I wonder what she could do without it." He made his move and quietly opened the ventilation shaft and lowered himself into the room. He stayed low as he sneaked towards the desk and grabbed the lightsaber. "Now let's see how good you really are." he thought.
He threw the lightsaber into the ventilation shaft where it disappeared into the darkness with a loud noise.

He turned to see the Jedi waking up, surprised by the presence of the intruder. When she reached to the desk next to her, she couldn't find her lightsaber.

"Lost something?" Jack said grinning.

"Who are you? What are you doing here?" The jedi asked.

"Who I am, is none of your concern. I would have killed you in your sleep, but I wanted to know how you Jedi can fight without using a lightsaber." Jack answered and he tossed his own katana towards her. "Fight me."

"I have no desire to kill you assassin, but I will if you do not leave me with another choise." the Jedi said as she caught the katana.

"Save your breath and start fighting me." Jack answered. When he pressed a button on the side of his wrist armour, his daggers slide out of the them and he held them up in a combat stance.

The Jedi understood that there was no reasoning with Jack at the time and made the first move. Jack held his daggers up in a crossed position, catching the katana right in the middle. He used a swift kick and pushed himself upwards, to remove the katana from the Jedi’s hands and caught it. “Lost your weapon after your first strike already? I would have expected more from a Jedi.” Jack said disappointed. “Try it again.” Jack held the katana loose in his hand as he knew the jedi would be able to use the force to retrieve it. As expected, Secura pulled the katana right out of his hand using the force and wielded the weapon again. “I hope you wield your lightsaber better than that!” Jack taunted, trying to make the Jedi angry. Secura did not say a word when she struck again. This time, their weapons collided in mid-air and they withdrew their weapons to prepare for the next attack. Jack raised his daggers to prepare for the next attacked, but the Jedi pushed him back using the force and jumped towards him, holding the katana in her hands while she aimed at him. Jack was surprised by the Jedi’s trick. But it was foolish to jump at him like that. He quickly used his legs to set off against the wall and dodged underneath the Jedi. “Need the force to win a battle? Fine, have it your way then”
Jack said, as he lowered himself into a combat stance his father taught him. It was a unique combat stance, held in his family of assassins and learned through decades of assassinating. Jack was having difficulties trying to predict the Jedi’s movement before, but now it was both ways. Secura sure as hell looked surprised when she saw the combat stance. “Last round, Secura.” Jack said “I won’t be holding back now…”

They continued to fight for almost ten minutes. It looked like the fight was going to go on forever, but at one point, the Jedi tripped and nearly fell backwards. Jack decided to use the opportunity to finish the fight and kicked Secura against the wall when she was trying to regain her balance. When she tried to get up again, Jack quickly manoeuvred towards her and held one of his daggers against her throat. “You lose.”


Jack couldn’t believe his ears “A Jedi begging for mercy?” he thought. He just stood there, holding his dagger up to her throat, not doing anything. He looked her in the eyes, but he couldn’t get the strength to cut her throat. He wanted to finish the mission and leave, but he couldn’t cut her throat either. Trying to hide his moment of weakness, he used the current situation to his advantage so he could remove the evidence of her investigation. “Where is it Secura?”

“What…what do you mean?” She said, with her voice trembling. Secura didn’t dare to look him in the eyes anymore.

“The evidence of your little investigation, what else?”

“What are you talking about?” she said with tears coming down her eyes.

“Don’t lie to me Secura!” Jack yelled, he was really getting angry now and he dragged her through the room.

What happened after that, no-one knows….

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