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Shadow left the bridge and went back to his own room. When he entered his room, he went to his weapons locker and got out his shotgun, one of his favorite weapons. It worked excellently against Jedi and anything else that got close enough. He took it apart, cleaned it up even though it already looked spotless, and then went to work on the other weapons.

After that he tested his rechargeable shields, did a bit of exercising, reading, and just about every other thing he could think of to keep himself occupied until he decided to go to sleep. He took off his cloak and shirt and then went to bed.

He dreamt that he was in a place that was dark and cold. The ceiling was high enough to fit two AT-TEs on top of each other and still have room. The walls were a brown color of sorts and it looked like he was in a corridor. Then the monsters came.

They came in small numbers at first, but then they started coming in waves and the only thing keeping him alive was his running. He couldn't fight because he had no weapons and he was a child again. Running, a cross between a screech and a roar splits the air behind him. His breaths became ragged and his legs were getting sore. He would have easily outrun those things if he were an adult.

The monsters resembled mutilated versions of people he knew, or people he had killed in the past. They kept coming and coming until they caught up with him. One of them jump from about fifty feet away and landed right in front of him. It whipped its tentacle and sent Shadow flying into the swarm of monsters. He felt what felt like a million needles stabbing into him and felt his mind getting dimmer.

Then the scene changed. He was now in a white facility in a bed. He heard two people talking.

"Will he stabilize?"

"Yes, but whatever happened to him left some mental mark on him. He was babbling nonsense about monsters and resisted his handlers. They had to subdue him with a tranquilizer."

"Poor kid... Will anyone take him? Assuming that his parents are dead too."

"We'll just have to wait and see."

Shadow woke up breathing hard and sweating. It was all just a dream, Shadow reminded himself. He wasn't back in that hospital, and he defiantly wasn't at that hell hole of monsters, thank the force. After he calmed down a bit he went back to sleep, thankfully dreamless.

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