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It only helps when people actually read the damn rules hehehe..

However there are a few Forums in which the "No Bump" or "No Ressurection" doesn't apply..


- the Taris City Upper Emporium, since it's for feedback on mods, and can point out possible bugs... and the fact that new mods are constantly being added, it's best to keep a no restrictions on this area. Besides, old mod or not, feedback is always a good thing

- The same goes for T3-M4's Astromech Droid Center...

However, for the most part, I agree with you Emperor Devon

We had hoped that common sense would tell a person that no replies in over a year pretty much means the topic is dead.. but, ya' gotta lurve the intardnet
Also, in some rare cases.. the poster totally overlooked the last post date (or didn't bother checking it in the first place).. yah, to not cast blame.. I've been guilty of that one myself

Luckily we have that nice "edit this" function .. hehehe..

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