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Raze sat at in the pilot's seat, staring at the display in front of her that showed they were just about ready to exit hyperspace.

After her conversation with the Captain, she had retired to her quarters. But she hadn't slept very long nor very deeply. Vanir was right. They all had to be wary with K'Nala on board.

An alarm on the navigation console beeped. They had reached their destination. She knew some of the crew were still resting, so through the ship's loudspeakers she said, not shouted, "Now exiting hyperspace."

She took manual control of the ship just as the streaky stars of the hyperspace vortex smoothly slowed to a stop. And there, nestled amongst the clean shining stars was....

"Nar Shaddaa," she said aloud. "Galactic cesspit."

She sensed a presence behind her and glanced over her shoulder to see Jack standing in the threshold dressed in all of his assassing regalia. She glanced down at her own simple clothing--tank top and leather pants and her holster belt with her blasters in it. "Gosh," she said to him as she sent out an automated request to the Hutts port authority for a landing pad. "I'm feeling a little 'undressed' for the occasion."

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