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Originally Posted by Ztalker
Woah :s
Omega Drivers? I'm using Catalyst 6.8 at this moment..could that be the source of all the problems?
Omega drivers is some custom tweaked variant of the Catalyst drivers aimed to improve performance somewhat with some games. I mostly use it so I won't have to use that abominable Catalyst Control Center to configure my graphic settings. Whoever at ATI had the brilliant idea to use the .NET Framework to make a (bloated) display driver controller intended to always run in the background on a non-Vista OS should be fired...

I don't know if newer display driver versions could cause such massive instability, but somehow I wouldn't be surprised given ATIs affinity at breaking things previously working in the past when releasing new driver versions. If all else fails you could try to downgrade and see if it makes a difference.

Originally Posted by Darth333
Bloom, HDR, AA, grass and shadows are the main FPS killers so lower those options if you have problems. If this is not enough, the two next things that eat up a lot of ressources are the textures and distant landscapes.
Curiously I only noticed a difference of around 1-2 FPS on average when having Antialiasing and Bloom active from when having them turned off. Given the rather drastic improvement in image quality with those on in the game that surprised me quite a bit. Though I suppose the performance hit could vary quite a bit depending on your hardware and where the bottlenecks are on each system.

Originally Posted by Darth333
Also, if you have stuttering problems and are using an integrated sound card (realtek ac97), disabling hardware acceleration helps a lot.
Indeed. Oblivion is the only game I've tried so far where the sound hardware has been causing massive slowdowns. Using AC97 integrated sound the footstep sound of four-legged creatures (Deers, Wolves, Horses (both one you ride and others)) caused massive FPS drops of around 15-20 FPS whenever those creatures were nearby. Luckily some crafty individual discovered this and made a mod that removed the footstep sounds for those creatures.

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