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Originally Posted by Darth333
Sometimes a post can add something useful to an old but interesting general topic and revive a good discussion.
I realize that. I just said that threads shouldn't be resurrected if there's nothing that's important to the disucussion.

Originally Posted by Darth333
However, things like reviving old threads just for the sake of annoyance or posting one liners like "omg yeah me 2!" at the end of a 2yr old thread falls within the trolling/spamming category.
I agree. But many of the recently resurrected threads I've seen technically aren't spam, though. One thread in the Padawan's Lounge was brought back when someone mentioned a tip on something, though it was the same as a tip someone else had mentioned and was stated in a different manner. One thread of mine in the Workbench was brought back when someone had some pointers to share, except the situation had been resolved months ago.

@Pottsie, I think it's just a coincidence.
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