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[FIN]Star Wars:The Adventures of John Skywalker

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The woman lay on the medbay table screaming.In truth giving birth to a baby hurt bad but she didnt think of the pain she would feel.The med droid gave her some sedatives and painkillers to calm her down and numb the pain,this was working and they were making progress.
"I can see the head,keep pushing", the droid said in an emotionless tone. The baby finally came crying out but she was still feeling more pressure. "Theres still one more to go", the droid said while wrapping up the crying baby that had just been born and setting it down in a cot.She pushed until the second one came out the baby was'nt even crying it was looking around at its surroundings."They are both boys",the droid said,"what are these twins to be called?"
She looked at the crying baby and said,"ill call him Anakin.......little Ani",she said as Anakin was put in her arms,"and ill call my other son John",she said smiling,"my two sons",she said holding them both tearfully.
The woman was put in a dorm in the med center to rest she only had a couple of days before she had to see if Watto won them in the upcoming podrace,we'll manage, she thought to herself. Just then a man walked into the room he had a big coat and didnt look like he was from any where on the Outer Rim let alone Tatooine.
He looked at her and said,"Shmi....Shmi Skywalker?"
"You know me but i do not know you,what do you want?",Shmi said anxiously.
"I am Cypher Dias and i will cut to the chase you will have to give up one of your sons its dangerous keeping them two together"
"Of course not",Shmi said fearfully,"their my life,my-",before Shmi could finish Dias walked over and touched her head she instantly fell asleep.Dias had only one option left he would have to wipe her memory its the only way he thought to himself


John woke up with confusion.His dream had been weird he was wondering about the dream when a girl came to the door. "Oh hi Moira",he said still a bit shaken.Moira was three years older than John,who was 9,she had ginger hair a cute face and her left eye was green the right was blue she looked concerned "you look a bit off today John whats wrong"
"I had a weird dream.. i was a jedi and i came back to Tatooine to free the slaves",John said this but without any concerns but deep down he had thought it was so real.Trying to get off the subject John spoke again "Moira what are you up to for the day?"
"well its a free day for all the slaves so i was thinking we should loot a shop all the way on the other side of mos eisley",Moira said smiling.
"Why should we go that far?",John asked curiously
"Ive heard the guy just lost his best slave",Moira said informingly
"Whats his name?"
"His names Watto and he owns a junk shop but he has valuable stuff."
"Ok we'll leave in a couple of minutes", John was happy,working for Jabba the Hutt was no easy task but he got days off so he was thankful.John thought himself also the best theif in these parts which he doesnt understand even when he is most likely to get caught he doesnt but John based this on luck.Anyway,whats the worst that can happen John thought to himself.

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