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Chapter 1

It took John and Moira a couple of hours to get where they were going. But John was glad that he was with Moira, they were best freinds of course. They stopped outside the junk shop and,not speaking,they knew what to do. The plan always was that Moira would keep the keeper of the place occupied while John would steal. John waited outside while Moira went in to find the owner.
"Hello", she called and then a bug looking creature came flying through, he looked disgruntled Moira knew he was grumpy because he lost his best slave.
"What do ya' want slave", Watto said to her rather angrily.
"Im here for Jabba", Moira lied "he wants to know if you have a spare hyperdrive for a......a tatooine star cruiser".
"oh yea follow me into the back i might have one of those",Watto had been shakey as soon as he heard the word Jabba,he then showed Moira out in the back were she was stalling for time asking for all kinds of machines. John's turn was up and he quickly went inside the shop putting spraycans and other small items which him and Moira could sell. He then saw a folded up droid which he fell in love with,it was a service droid for podracers but he could reprogram and upgrade it.He took it and ran outside of the shop waiting for Moira. John liked what he had stolen,this droid will become very useful he thought to himself.Moira then came out of the shop and then John showed her what he had she was impressed about the stolen service droid. They were about to leave when a dark hooded man came up to them draging them along John thought he was taking the back to the junk shop but he was leading them down an alley fear filled him as he didnt know what was happening,he lookd over to Moira who was as scared as he.The hooded man took his hood down his face was red and black and he had smal horns on the top of his head,John dare not look at his fiery gold eyes but noticed he had a lasersword.A jedi! John thought and then he had the confidence to speak.
"What do you want from us",John shouted hoping his voice didnt break.
"I have come to you with a request", he only looked at John and payed no interest to Moira.
"A request?"
"I see potential in you and i wish for you to become a Si-...a Jedi Knight"the hooded man finished
"But i am a slave i have a-"
"that is already sorted i have already payed for you John", the man had an evil smirk,"your chip is deactivated and has been destroyed in your stomach acids..i will not take no for an answer",the man said sternly
"Me? a Jedi? its something ive always dreamed of when do we leave im taking my droid!",John finished breathlessly.
"We must leave now to a small planet called Naboo"
"I dont even know your name"
"My names maul,come young one we must go",Maul said this impatiently.
John started walking and then he looked back and remembered,"Mister Maul what about my freind Moira",John said knowing the answer.
"you have to leave her" he said,"now come"
"John this is what you want",Moira said with tears,"i will always remember you"
"Moira i will never forget you",John was now tearfull aswell,"As soon as ive completed my training i will come back and free you Moira I promise",she smiled.
"We must go we must get to Naboo quickly", Maul said impatiently and started walking.John let go of Moira bade farewell and started walking with Maul with his droid under his arm,he'll be back for her and he knew that.
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