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Chapter 3

The ship landed on Coruscant. Whilst contemplating on what Lord Sidious looked like, John really was'nt scared,he was excited at the prospect of being trained by someone better than Maul himself.
"Come boy, we must move quickly Master Sidious is a busy man", Maul said as he opened the hatch door. They got off and Maul started moving rather quickly, John was trying all he could to keep up with Maul even breaking up into a small jog. John passed many things that interested him their were many species he had never seen in his life and buildings that he looked at with glee,this is a beautiful place, John thought to himself then started again to keep up with Maul. They seemed to finally get at their destination as Maul stopped outside a door and knocked.
"Come in",came a reply.Maul and John came in and John saw Sidious. He could'nt see his face as it was covered by the hood on his robe but John could tell that he was old. John admired Sidious without even talking to him, he looked very wise.
"Master this is John,the one you wanted",Maul said. John was confused the word wanted sprang in to mind, so i guess i didnt meet Maul by chance they were looking for me, he thought.
"oh yes", Sidious said with a smile,"excellent my boy you will be a good jedi no doubt, Maul i think you better get back to Naboo i will attend to the boy now"
"Yes master", Maul left not saying goodbye to John. Sidious looked at John and then put his hood down. He looked old but he still had dark brown hair,he had a father type smile and John felt comfortable in his presence.
"So John, i have been expecting you,take a seat", he motioned to the seat
"Thank you Lord Sidous", John said when he went to sit down and putting his folded droid on the floor, "when will i start my training sir", John asked curiously.
"We will begin straight away, i think i have to tell you what were about", he studied John for a while and then continued,"were are Jedi of course but we do not go by that name we go by the name of Sith", John had never heard of that name before and Sidious sensed this so he went on,"we protect the republic against threats any way possible the other set of jedi try and destroy it", Sidious said calmly,"they have thined our numbers and we need help and your just that. You have a bright future as a sith and it is my honor to train you".
"No", John said with a smile,"it is my honor to be trained by you". After their talk Sidious got John to have a bath,being a slave he hadnt had many of these but when he got out Sidious came to him,"John here are your robes", he said placing them down and walking off he said,"when your dressed your room is down the hall on the right and i shall see you in the morning"
"Goodnight Master", John said looking at his robes he had the robe that Sidious was wearing which was black and he also had a black Tunic. Smiling John took them into his room and put his pyjamas on, he could'nt believe it he was going to be a jedi.
John woke up having had a great sleep,he put his tunic on and started for the door he could hear Sidous' voice.
"The Queen is more foolish than i thought,this will work to our advantage Lord Maul be mindful,let them come to you"
"Yes my Master",Maul said
"So we have permission to procede my lord?",came a voice that John had never heard.
"wipe them out...all of them", Sidious said and then the transmission must have ended as John could hear nothing else.

After the next couple of days John was in extensive studies learning about the history of the sith and how they were always overcome by jedi in the last millenia. Also with Sidious' assurances John started to hate these fake jedi as he callled them.
Sidious and John were eating when Sidious sensed a loss in the force John felt it to but not that great he just started his force sensitive training. Sidious' had a grim face and John knew who it was.
"Im afraid these Jedi have killed our beloved Maul", Sidious said and John felt rage was building.
"Master i swear to you i will avenge the death of Maul" John replied with clenched fists,Sidious started smiling.
"Yes boy we must have vengence so i will intensify your training and in time", Sidious strayed on eyes gleaming,"they will be no match for you". John smiled at Sidious he had every trust in his Master,But also he wanted to go at these fake Jedi now but knew he had to wait,my time will come, he thought.
my time will come.
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