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Chapter 4

"I hope you have my money or some bad things will happen to you", the man said, his face hidden under his black cloak.
"im so sorry i only have half of the money", Dexter,the cafe owner,said obviously scared of the man. It was quite funny from a view as Dexter was triple the size of this hooded man but still pretty shook up. The hooded mans reply to Dexter's answer was a bad one. He grabbed Dexter by the throat and hoisted him,he then pummeled him in the face and stomach and put him down.
"If you dont have the rest of the money at the end of the month Dex you'll be in big trouble".
The man walked out and Dex knew he was trouble he would have to bet extra on the Podracing.
John walked out of Dexter's cafe smiling and putting his hood down. He always had money nowadays because no one would mess with a Force User, he was learning new ones by the day his Master Sidious is the best. Now 15 John had realised that he was starting to grow into a handsome young man,but he still looked young for his age. His Sith training was getting better and harder at the same time but he loved it, Master Sidious said that John might be the greatest of all Sith. He was halfway to the Senate chambers were all the senators argued about issues he found that intrigueing, he found it this way because they were arguing for a lost cause his Master told him so. He was heading to that place but then he stopped,"actually i'll see how my old freind is doing", he thought to himself and he set off to the lower levels of Coruscant.
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