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Chapter 5

The lower levels of Coruscant was'nt a pleasant place at all and John often compared the smell to Bantha fodder. Although John disliked this place his master had taught him to keep allies everywhere as they may be of use in the future. John had a good freind in the lower levels, he had helped John out when he was ten and they had been freinds ever since, his name was Bugs and he was a Dug, John had realised that Bugs was the friendliest Dug he had layed eyes on. John stopped outside Bugs' shop and felth through the force to see if he was in, the force told John he was, so he opened the door and walked inside. Bugs was busy fixing an information droid and didnt notice John come in, John had realised this so he snuck up on Bugs and scared him. Bugs jumped but realising it was John behind him when he turned around he gave a big smile and said,
"Johnny boy, you scared me there, long time no see eh?"
"Yea well I've been busy you know training and stuff, how have you been old freind", John said, hugging him
"I've been well my young freind...what brings you here today?", Bugs asked
"I was wondering if you got the parts for my droid buzz"
"Ah yes i have the droid gun and the defensive shield, you take great care in that cockpit droid", Bugs said amused
"Well if it's improved it has more value for me to sell it", John lied he loved this droid it was his best freind since the person he had never heard from or talked to for six years, she was the reason why he had kept the droid for this long, they stole the droid together however Sidious had opposed to this as he said Sith cannot be passionate to others and that involved love. Bugs handed John the part's and put them in his bag,"thank you Bugs", John said with a smile, he started walking to the door when bugs called to him,
"Please John why dont you stay for dinner", John reluctantly agreed with this he could'nt put his old freind down.
Haven eaten a bit at Bugs' shop John took a taxi back up to the well known areas of Coruscant, he breathed in the smell of engines with relief, he liked the smell far better than that of the lower levels. John went to the Senate chamber so he could see his master lay the law down to fellow Senators. Master Sidious had a dual identity, he had told John of how much corruption there is in the Senate and so he went undercover as a politician but luck was on his side as he moved up the ranks quickly and finally became Supreme Chancellor. John walked into the hall which was totally deserted, he realised what day it was, im getting my first mission today!!!!, he thought to himself and started sprinting off to the Chancellors apartment.
John rushed in and saw Sidious looking out his window in his black robe with his black hood on just like he always was.
"Ah my boy,your late, but your here now so take a seat", Sidious said this with concern in his voice. John took a seat immediately,
"Sorry Master", John said
"Dont worry John onto business now, I have your first assignment"
"Thank you Master, what do you need doing", John said feeling very excited.
"There are a group of non-humans posing a threat to us i need this group wiped out i have all the information about them on this Holopad", Sidous turned around and gave the pad to John who was curious about something,
"But Master if they are'nt humans then what are they". Sidious gave the smile he had been giving John for the past six years the fatherly comforting smile and then said,
"They are a group of Wookies"
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