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Chapter Six

John's eyes widened and fear crept into his soul.
"W-Wookies Master? how can i kill them? I dont have a lightsaber."
"Be not afraid and and use your anger and then you can do anything Padawan....your special", Sidious said trying to comfort John, it helped him a little bit but just a little,
"I will take this assignment and i will kill all these wookies for our cause Master"
"Good, and if you do this matter you will be given your lightsaber", Sidious smiled.
After seeing the Holocron and other neccessary facts about the Wookies John went to his room to upgrade his droid Buzz. The cockpit droid had been heavily updraded it had a Holocron of a young John to talk and it also was a translator,and a heat radar to sense who and what was near. John worked on the droid for a while and it did not take him that long to fit the two new pieces to the droid, he was so good at fixing things Sidious had told him. John turned buzz on.
"The holocron is in your system Buzz their in the lower levels,i hate it there,anyway well be going there for a duration of a month Master has already arranged accomodation we will be staying with Bugs", John said
"I do hope we dont stay down there to long Master,they will try to steal my parts", Buzz said, John had regretted in some ways giving the droid much intelligence but it was as loyal as he was to his Master,
"Well Buzz you do now have an energy shield and laser gun nobody will try", John answered and he got his bags and put on his cloak, then him and bugs walked out of his room going to bid Sidious farewell.
As John and Buzz were going to his Masters room an old man came out walking past and not even glancing at John he had a smile on his face, John didnt like the look of him and when he got inside his Master greeted him,
"So may the force be with you on your first assignment alone my young padawan", he said smiling
"Thank you Master, may i ask who that man was that just came out", John asked curiously
"Yes that man is helping our cause his name is Count Dooku,thats all you need to now because you need to get going."
"Yes Master", John said turning and walking out, "I will be back as fast as I can". And as John left Sidious smiled to himself, this will show how much power he has, he thought.
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