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Chapter Seven

John stood on Bugs pateo one with the force,feeling his surroundings. It seemed that his targets were in the lower parts of Coruscant which made John shudder, he was sick of this place after just one day. He had already planned out what he would do in order to kill these Wookies quickly, he would pick them off one by one, he didnt want to fight them all at once since without a lightsaber he was outnumbered. While John was still meditatng he sensed a worthless being next to him and knew who it was immediately,
"Bugs why are you disturbing me?", John asked annoyed, Bugs was somewhat surprised that John had known of his presence even when he had his back to him.
"I was wondering if you are ready to travel to your first target while he is still alone Sir", Bugs replied
"Yes we will be going after Montu he is the weakest of them all", John smiled, praising his own cunning.
After John and Bugs had breakfast(Buzz had set himself on charge)they set off to find the wherabouts of Montu. John was reaching into the force, asking it to help guide him to where he wanted to go. They had been searching for about an hour when John picked up on something.
"The force is telling me Montu is in there i can sense how weak he is", John said pointing at a cave entrance, and motioning to buzz to make sure he was right. Buzz used his heat sensor to scan the cave, he finished and said,
"It appears a Wookie is in there Master."
"Thank you Buzz im going to sort this one out alone, ill call you on radio if i need help", John told his companions, picking up a baster pistol, a plasma rifle and putting a grenade in his pocket, he felt he needed it somehow. He nodded at his droid and his freind and then starte descending into the cave. The cave was murky and dirty and John clutched his rifle tightly. Even though he was fifthteen his training had taught him to embrace his fear in these situations. John came to a dead end and then he realised, he couldnt believe that he didnt foresee it, he got on his radio and shouted,
"IT'S A TR-", he could'nt finish his sentence as the Wookie hit him in the stomach and all his breath left his lungs.

"Master come in......Master!", Buzz called on his inbuilt comlink but there was no answer.
"We're going to have to g in Buzz", Bugs said and he started getting his weapons ready.

Montu was relentless and was trying to kill John, but John was now asking the force to guide him through the Wookie's lunging fists. John saw the oppurtunity and swung at the Wookie his fist hit the face of Montu but he was to fast and took Johns arm and bent it the opposite way its supposed to bend.
"Aaaaaaaaaahhh", John screamed he knew it had broken, John fell to the floor clutching his arm,how could this have happened?, he asked himself still in agony,im a Sith im better than this pathetic Wookie. But before he could get back up the Wookie picked him up and threw him into the wall, and John lay dazed the force keeping him in consciouness. Montu took out a holocron receiver and the hologram of another Wookie came up and they started conversing in Wookie language. Montu seemed to be telling the hologramed Wookie about Johns presence, John knew he had been set up and if he survived today they would be after him in a matter of days. John sensed that the calvalry was coming in a minute and the force told him to act now, so he forget about his broken arm and gave himself to the force fully. Not thinking he started running at the Wookie but when he got close the Wookie turned off his holocron and grabbed John by the neck lifting him up, increasing the pressure on his neck. But John knew that he had given buzz time and launched his tazer contraption at Montu. Montu was being zapped rapidly and also couldnt move it was also screaming. John pulled out his grenade activated it and put it into Montu's mouth he the smiled at the Wookie waved goodbye and ran for cover. The wookies head exploded. John looked up
"Well that was a blast".
Bugs helped him into the hover vehicle they had rented and john said,
"My hand is broken when we get back put me on your medbay table Bugs"
"Yes Sir", bugs replied
"We must now move quickly if we are to kill them all now", John told them
"Why is that Master?", Buzz said
"Simply because someone has given us away to that Wookie and he told his leader about us to, they'll be on the lookout."
And with that they left the place, and were speeding back to Bugs' shop.
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