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Chapter Eight

After spending two days on the medbay table John had realised and planned out how he was going to kill the other seven Wookies. He was going to lead them all into a trap. John knew an abondoned warehouse where he had sent Buzz to rig it all with triggered explosives, the force was telling John that the time for them to come was soon, John estimated that he and his freinds had two days before they knew where he was. John remembered that today was the day that he contacted his Master to fill him in on his progress, he made his way to the holocron in his room, he input the coordinates and a blue image of a man with a familiar cloak over his face.
"Ah John you look in good health have you destroyed our problem yet?", Sidious asked
"No Master I have only killed one, but I have set up a trap for the rest, they should all be dead in the next two days my lord."
"Good, when you have finished report back to me in person."
"Yes Master Sidious."
The hologram of Sidious flickered out and John started to meditate, he had decided that he would meditate until the Wookies found him so he was ready in the force, he also warned Bugs not to disturb him for the next two days.

After meditating and delving into the richness of the hatred, fear and anger of the force the force nudged John and he opened his eyes.
He ran down the stairs into the shop and peaked outside the window,the Wookies were trashing all the other houses and shops one by one looking for John, he turned to Buzz and Bugs.
"We'll get into that speeder and make them follow us."
John and the others equiped themselves with with plasma rifles, but Johns real weapon was the force. He kicked the door open(to the dismay of Bugs) and they all ran to the speeder, one of the Wookies saw them and roared to all the rest, who started to give chase to the moving speeder.
"The warehouse is there, Master", Buzz said in his ever calm tone. John didnt bother to stop outside the warehouse, he drove into the wall and through it, they all got out of the car.
"When they all get in here both of you leave I will use the force to get out of here safely", John shouted hurriedly both Buzz and Bugs agreed to Johns orders. The Wookies started coming in John and his freinds were firing but they could'nt hit the Wookies,they must have some sort of shields on, John thought. In admist all the plasma bullets John shouted,
His freinds started to scamper away, he had the detonator in his hand. The wookies were close now. John dove fully into the force, he pressed the detonation button and commanded the force to give him speed, he got out of the warehouse just in time to see it go up in flames. He found Buzz and Bugs waiting for him in the speeder.
"Well we did it master", Buzz said
"Yes good job Buzz, Bugs take us home", John said, and they started to make their way to their speeder.

The Wookie lay on the floor just regaining consciousness he was about to go into the warehouse and then the explosion happened, all its companions were dead, with tears running down its fur it turned away it would get vengeance on the person that did this, but for now it had to get back to Kashyyk.

"You have shown great bravery and loyalty my boy, you have proved yourself worthy of the sith, here is your lightsaber", Sidious said handing a white cylinder tube with the bottom being gold and black rubber for a handle to the kneeling John. John ignited the lightsaber, it was blood red.
"Thank you Master", John said deactivating it, he felt proud of his new weapon.
"And now you have proved yourself you shall be named....", Sidious thought for a while and then smiled, "you will be named....Darth Magmus"
"Thank you my Master", John said bowing his head
"Lord Magmus....Rise", and then Sidious realised when his apprentice had stood up and he felt him through the force, The prophecy may become a reality!, he thought.
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