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Chapter Nine

From an onlooker they would see beautiful blood red whirls of lights carried by men in dark clothing, but to the men it was just another training session on their virander. The older looking man was just backing off the younger looking of the two, who was relentless and quick with his attacking. The younger figure thrust his blade upwards, aiming for the older figure's head, the older figure knocked the blade up and out of his opponents hands and stabbed him, he screamed and fell to the floor. The experience of the old figure prevailed over the young ones strength.
"If we had our lightsabers at high power, and not at the lowest, I would have killed you my young apprentice", Sidious said panting but still smiling.
"Yes Master, but i still gave you a run for your money", John said smiling and panting also.
"If you would practice on your saber skills as much as your confidence you would rival Darth Maul", Sidious said cheekily.
"But Master, I thought i already did", John replied smiling.
"Only in your mind my very young apprentice", Sidious shot back and they both laughed. After composure was back in the air Sidious and John went back into the lounge were they both sat, Sidious shuffled in his chair then he addressed John.
"Lord Magmus tomorrow you will do a task for me,it will be hard, your task is to kill a Jedi Master", he finished John beamed, he had been finally given his chance to avenge the death of the first Sith Lord he ever knew Darth Maul.
"I am thankful you have given me this chance Master", John replied.
"This will not be an easy task Magmus, thats why Count Dooku will partner you on this mission and not your droid", John started to feel anger, he hated Dooku, but he had been showing his face more and more in these past weeks. John could'nt swallow his pride and ego and blurted out,
"Master, I do not need any assistance on this mission, especially his"
"You must do as i say Magmus, for our time to rule will be among us soon". John could'nt do nothing but agree he would do it, but he certainly wasnt going to like it.

John and Dooku set off the next morning. John had asked Dooku were the Jedi was.
"He is at the warehouse ruins that you blew up with the Wookies", Dooku replied.
"Well this is easy, is he by himself?", John asked.
"Yes i made sure of that, here put this on", Dooku handed John a mask, John was confused by the gift but put it on anyway, he just wanted to get to this Jedi.
It did'nt take long for them to get to the warehouse and the man they were looking for was standing near the dead Wookies burnt bodies. He turned to face them, the man had wrinkly skin and a dry face.
"Dooku?", the man called
"Ah my freind Cypher Dias, I'm sorry but i have to get to the point old freind", Dooku pulled out his lightsaber, at the top near the hilt his saber bended, Sidious had told him that Dooku created it for extra grip. Dooku finished his sentence,
"You will have to die", he held his blood red and slided into an attacking stance, Dias looked calm and replied softly,
"So you brought a boy to aide you?", John was angered by the downgrading comment, he took of his mask and cloak and activated his lightsaber.
"Remember this face, Jedi, because it's the last one you'll ever see", John shouted. Dias' face was one of shock he put his lightsaber back on his belt.
"Oh no J-John Skywalker", he stuttered out, John was confused, he turned to Dooku who was calm as can be and then turned back to Dias.
"Skywalker? What are you talking about?".
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