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Final Chapter

"Do you not know your heritage?", Dias asked John.
"No old man, but you are going to tell me now", John demanded. Dooku seemed tense and before Dias could speak he was cut out by him,
"No!", Dooku said, "you will not tell this boy anything", Dooku then charged at Dias with his lightsaber in hand,
"NO!", John said and force pushed Dooku, he was caught off guard and crashed into the wall and lay still, unconscious. John watched Dooku for a second, satisfied that he would not interfere with them anymore he turned back to Cypher Dias.
"Old man start talking, i want to know about my heritage", John said.
"Yes", Dias nodded, "you deserve to know. You were born on Tatooine and you mother is a woman called Shmi Skywalker, she still lives on Tatooine. When she gave birth she gave birth to twin boys."
"I have have a brother?", John interjected with tears in his eyes,
"Yes, his name is Anakin and he is training to a Jedi."
"A Jedi", John spat, "He has picked the wrong path", John paused, whiping his eyes and then asked Dias,"How did me and Anakin recieve different paths in the first place old man?", John asked.
"Well you and Anakin are prophezied for different things, he is supposed to bring balance to the force and you...... you will-", Dias stopped suddenly at first John thought he was taking a deep breath but then he realised a red lightsaber sticking out of Dias stomach.
"NOOOOOOOOO!!", John said all was lost to him know he knew he had a mother and a Jedi for a brother but he didnt know his purpose in life, he felt lost. Dooku smiled at John.
"You fool, you know the truth but it's no good where your going Magmus", John felt hot rage, he ignited his lightsaber and without saying anything he lunged at Dooku aiming his saber at Dooku's head, Dooku parryed the tryed to stab John, he knocked Dooku's Blade away and started a barrage of attacks,Dooku blocked but he knew he could'nt keep the defense up as John's rage was making him stronger and stronger. John faked a move to the right which Dooku fell for and John kicked his saber out his hand then gave Dooku a roundhouse kick to the jaw, Dooku was dazed John was poised for a finishing blow, but before he could electricity was attacking him and he was screaming in pain he turned to see it was Sidious before he passed out. Sidious had electrocuted John enough to leave him unconscious, he turned to Count Dooku.
"Come Dooku and bring the boy we need to do this before he wakes up",
"Yes Master", Dooku said not questiong Sidious he picked up John and they left.

After about an hour Sidious and Dooku got to a pad full of starfighters, Sidious stopped. Dooku turned to Sidious.
"What is it Master?", Dooku asked.
"I know what is to become of the boy", Sidous said.
"What is to become of him?", Dooku questioned again.
"I've read the prophecy many times over and it says he who is the chosen one will be forced to spend time on his own to find himself.",Sidious finished.
"What does that mean Master?"
"It means that young Skywalker is to be exiled", Sidious pointed to one of the starfighters and Dooku knew what to do, he put John in one before Sidious told him to put the ship on auto pilot and let the force decide where he was going to end up, the starfighter started to take off with John, still unconscious, inside.
"Now come Tyranus, there is much we have to do for the Sith to rule". Sidious said.
"Yes Master". And while they where walking off the Starfighter was leaving the atmosphere, going to wherever the force wanted to take it.

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